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Thoughts On Environmentalism

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If biophilia has been so evolutionarily embedded in our genomes, why must it take so long, and so many more organisms’ to become extinct before we actually start acting like we care about our planet? Humans since the beginning of time, was basically interested in finding food. As time progressed, they became involved in securing land to protect their consumption of food and water. Humans’ desire was only a matter of survival, nothing more. They were not concerned about any environment issues, nor had they even heard of it back in the early days.

Where does most of our basic grain foods come from? It’s from what some may call “America’s Heartland” (“Regionalism and the Great Plains: Problems of Concept and method”) in which Frederick C. Luebke, means in his study of films dealing with terms that interplay between environment and culture; which he best describes his studies and of through appropriate comparisons in time, space, and culture.

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Thoughts On Environmentalism
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His study on the film of the (Victor Fleming, 1939) “Wizard of Oz” is a very good example.
The “Wizard of Oz” gave the viewing audience the visual of “the farmhouse”, the flatland of Kansas. The tornado destroyed everything. Dorothy’s deep desire, of returning home. There is no place like home. We all knew that they were farmers, but there was never any mention of it. You just knew it because of the visual effect. Global warming is affecting everything from our air, water, our soil which helps produce our food. Climate is changing, however just what is changing it, and is there something that can be done about the change in our environment?
At Warren Wilson College, in Asheville, NC. David Moulton, director of climate change policy, at The Wilderness Society.”Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our nation – from the Pisgah and the Nantahala here in North Carolina.” He went on to explain it went all the way to the coast, the heartland plains, and the snow-covered.

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