Three Major Perspectives in Sociology - Sociology Essay Example

Three Major Perspectives in Sociology
Sociologists play an important role in building up of any society - Three Major Perspectives in Sociology introduction. These sociologists of today have analyzed the social phenomena at different levels and from different perspectives. The following are the three major primary approaches of sociology:

Sociological Perspective
Level of Analysis
1.      Symbolic


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Use of symbols; Face-to-face interactions
2. Functionalism
Relationship between the parts of society; How aspects of society are functional (adaptive)
3. Conflict Theory
Competition for scarce resources; How the elite control the poor and weak
However, the one which best suits the social movement is the “Functionalism Approach” which signifies and focuses on the creation of interaction between the physical environment and social organization and behavior. This perspective gives a positive impression of being a safe, secure and stable society, with all the parts working together.  It states that every society is responsible in contributing to the survival of all and if this is not the case than the aspect is not appropriate to be passed to the next generation. This basically signifies the importance of society on the macro sociological level where society is considered an integral part of all on a large scale as a whole.

Similarly, an individual in a functionalist perspective is of the opinion that people are socially molded and not forced to perform societal functions and norms prevailing in the society. For the purpose, each member needs to cooperate with each other in order to maintain stability, harmony and peace among all the individuals residing in the society.

Source: – Schaefer, R. T., & Lamm, R. P.  (1998). AN ANALYSIS OF THE THREE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES. Sociology.  New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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