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Three Models of Ultimate Reality

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There are three major models of ultimate reality. Which of the three models supports the claim that right and wrong do not exist but that the strong person/group gets his/their way? A. Materialism b. Pantheism c. Transcendence 2. There are three major models of ultimate reality. Which of the three models supports the claim that right and wrong do exist in an absolute sense? A. Materialism 3. There are three major models Of ultimate reality. Which Of the three models supports the claim that we are beyond morality, that morality is a moot point? .

Materialism 4. We use logic in philosophy first because the first philosophers actually eased philosophy on logic and second because of the logical nature of reality. True False 5. Which of the following principles/logical fallacies claims that if you have two contradictory statements, at least one must be false logically? A. Microinstruction b. Inappropriate authority c. Equivocation d. Straw Man 6. Which of the following principles/logical fallacies uses words imprecisely in order to prove or disprove a claim? A.

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Three Models of Ultimate Reality
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Microinstruction 7. Which of the following principles/logical fallacies claims that the speaker has no credibility or credentials in the area being discussed? A. . Equivocation 8. Which of the following principles/logical fallacies creates an evil and false image of the person and then attacks that evil/false image instead of the real person? A. Microinstruction c. Ad hominid 9. Epistemology, the study of knowledge, is concerned primarily about the ways we get knowledge AND developing confidence in knowledge. A. True b. False 10.

Which of the following is NOT one of the 5 basic ways in which we get knowledge? A. Sensory perception b. Osmosis c. Memory d. Logic e. Intuition 1 1 . Who is known as the Father of Modern Philosophy? A. Renee Descartes b. Rene Descartes c. Rene Descartes d. Rene Descartes 12. According to Descartes there was one thing he knew for sure: the fact that he was thinking meant the thinker existed since thoughts only come from a thinker. A. True 13. What is meant by Cartesian certainty? A. Knowledge which can be proved 100% to be true. B.

Knowledge which can be proved 90% to be true. C. Knowledge which can be proved 50% to be true. D. None of the above. 14. Why did Descartes reject sensory perception as a means of obtaining knowledge? A. You can’t always trust your senses. B. Your senses cannot give you 100% indubitable knowledge. C. Your senses sometimes play tricks on you. . All the above 15. What do we call the four foundational elements Descartes claimed was necessary to have knowledge (God, Logic, Math, and Morals)? A. Logical knowledge b. Sensory Perceptional knowledge c. Innate knowledge d.

Intuitive knowledge 16. John Locke rejected Descartes’ emphasis on logic but accepted his claim that God, Logic, Math, and Morals were necessary foundations to gain knowledge. A. True 17. David Home claimed that since information through the senses was based upon an ever changing environment, he was so skeptical that he was even skeptical of his own skepticism. A. True 18. Emmanuel Kant claimed that although we don’t really know what lies outside us, we still all see everything the same way because we all think the same way, in terms of space and time. A. True 19.

Although Kant claimed that we all thought the same way, he nevertheless claimed that we should still all have different morals. A. True 20. The problem claiming that logic should be the only way in which we should get knowledge is/are a. Two people can use logic and still come to different conclusions. B. If the brain malfunctions using sensory perception, memory, intuition, and testimony/faith, then why are we so confident that the name brain will not malfunction when it uses logic? C. There is no problem with this claim d. A and b e. None of the above 21 .

Frederica Nietzsche radically undermined the emphasis on logic by claiming that people do not all think the same way. A. True 22. According to Einstein theory, gravity causes matter to bend. If matter bends, then knowledge bends (or is relative). A. True 23. The best way to build confidence in knowledge is to base your claim upon a. Logic b. Sensory Perception c. Logic and Intuition d. Memory and Testimony e. On as many of the different methods of obtaining knowledge as possible. 4. Which famous English scientist proved Einstein theory of relativity to be true? A. Stephen Hawking b. Sir.

Arthur Edmonton c. Albert Einstein d. Christopher Hitchers 25. Because of Descartes’ impact upon philosophy, which area of philosophy dominated philosophy from the 1 ass’s until the mid-1 ass’s? A. Ontology b. History c. Aesthetics d. Epistemology 26. Epistemology is concerned about which of the following issues? A. Beauty and its media B. Basis of morality C. The way we gain knowledge and being confident in what we know D. Ultimate reality 27. According to Martin Luther King, Jar. In order for a law to be just, it must harmonize with the moral law or the law of God. True 28. According to MILK, Jar. , SST.

Thomas Aquinas was the one who said that an unjust law is no law at all. True 29. Which argument for the existence of God claims that the fact that people have a concept of a perfect Being means that that perfect Being must exist? A. Ontological argument b. Cosmological argument c. Teleological argument d. Moral argument 30. Which of the arguments for God’s existence claims that the existence of cause and effect in the world points to the First Cause, God? A. Ontological argument 31 . Which of the arguments for God’s existence claims that all the design in the universe points to a Grand Designer, that is, God? . Ontological argument 32. Which argument claims that the existence of a desire for goodness or perfection points to the existence of God? A. Ontological argument 33. Which argument for God’s existence is based upon the fact that life leads us to think in terms Of good, better, worse, etc? A. Ontological argument 34. A red herring is a. Attacking someone and yet the attack has nothing to do with the issue. B. A distraction c. Imprecise definition of words d. Basing a claim upon what was not said. 35. Equivocation is 36. Argument from silence is 37. MILK, Jar. In protesting segregation, claims that a law which applies to one group in society should be applied to all in society. True 38. When MILK, Jar. , quotes SST. Augustine, SST. Thomas Aquinas, Martin Auber, and Paul Italics, to which of the following is he appealing to in providing warrant for his claim? A. Sensory perception b. Memory c. Intuition d. Authority e. Logic 39. In our discussion on the Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Letter from Birmingham Jail, is a person to obey an evil command even if he has sworn absolute loyalty to the person who gave him the evil command? Yes NO 40.

Which of the following people brought down the British Empire simply by exercising civil disobedience, that is, simply by saying, “No” and by refusing to obey unjust laws? A. Martin Luther b. Nelson Mandela c. Emmanuel Kant d. Gandhi 41 . Which of the following articulated the ontological argument for God’s existence? A. Ansell, archbishop of Canterbury (1 100 AD) b. Thomas Aquinas, Roman Catholic philosopher, (1 250 AD) c. William Palely, English philosopher (1800) d. Emmanuel Kant, German philosopher (1800) 42. Which of the following articulated the cosmological argument for God’s 43.

Which of the following articulated the teleological argument for God’s 44. Which of the following articulated the moral argument for God’s 45. What is the name of the faculty that Aquinas and John Calvin claim resides within us which detects the movement of God in their lives? A. Senses divinities b. Senses divinities c. Senses divinities d. Senses divinities 46. Which ancient Greek philosopher is Aquinas using to develop his argument for God’s existence? A. Socrates b. Plato c. Aristotle d. Pythagoras 47. According to materialists, materialism is progressive but belief in God is out-dated.

Which of the following statements is true? A. Belief in God existed a long time before people came to realize that God does not exist. B. The first Greek philosophers were materialists. The progressive idea in philosophy that a transcendent realm existed was actually formulated by Socrates and Plato. 48. Even though an idea may be “progressive,” it might be good not to follow or implement that idea. True 49. The challenge that God does not exist because of the existence of evil in the world may actually be a self-defeating challenge because it assumes the existence of a perfect standard.

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