Time Management - Part 2

How do you establish priorities?

Priorities to me are things that have to get done by a certain time or with certain urgency - Time Management introduction? Establishing priorities is one of those things that are going to change from person to person or from day to day. For me as far as my schooling goes I have set a priority to not start on any assignments Tuesday-Friday until all of my responses are done for the day. Then I can start on one assignment in one class, if a class has more than one assignment I will complete on assignment in one class then start an assignment in the other class. When it is done then, back to the first class and finish the last assignment. I feel this gives every class proper attention.

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Who makes up your support group?

My support group is made up of my family and friends. My husband Steve of 22 years is a huge support, not only does he let me read assignments to him before I turn them in, he also helps with the kids and their chores and bed time. My kids also help in my support, they try and group their questions together that way they are not interrupting me every couple of seconds, they are getting better about leaving me alone when I am at the computer and they are just bored. My friends are very supportive and are offering to help with the kids if I need a break or am working on a hard assignment, they have offered to pick up my daughter from gymnastics and just them asking me how it is going it helpful because as they find out I am in school they will help keep me accountable to see this through to completion.

What is your backup plan in case your computer goes down?

I have a Lap top and a Desk top computer. My husband is a computer technician and knows how to retrieve files from databases and can fix anything out there. A couple of time during an assignment I hit the save button that way no matter where I am in an assignment some of it will be saved. If perhaps my husband is out of town I know a couple of people who could fix my computer for me and retrieve the proper files. I all so have a copy of all my software on both computers so If I have to switch computers I could easily.

How do you keep track of your assignments and due dates?

I keep track of my assignment in a 3 ring binder. I have 2 binders one for each class, the first day of class I made a copy of the class syllabuses and I check everything off as I do it. This helps me stay on top of my assignments and my due dates for all assignments and classes. I have set a personal goal to have all assignments and posts/responses done on Friday so I can spend the weekends with my family. Part 2: Log

See additional attachment for actual Time log- Appendix G

Review your time log and answer the following questions:

1. Based on your time log, do you think you manage your time wisely? With given the time restraints that I have between my day job and my night job; yes, I think I manage my time wisely.

2. What do you spend the majority of your time doing?
I spend a good portion of my day at the computer doing school work and listening/watching the day care kids.

3. How can you alter (or remove) activities to stop spending so much time on things that are not important? When I first started school 6 weeks ago I stopped going on Facebook and the internet. I hardly ever go on Facebook anymore and when I do it always surprises me how fast time goes by and how long I was on.

4. If you removed activities, how could you replace them with short-term, goal-oriented tasks? I did remove my internet time. I can/did replace it with short-term goal-orientated tasks like school assignments.

5. What techniques will you use to adhere to a productive schedule, fight procrastination, or avoid stress? Techniques like setting daily goals, keeping organized with 3 ring binders and writing things down will help with a productive schedule. I am typically not a procrastinator; I like the feeling of getting things done early and then having time to do other things. I actually strive under stress and like to keep busy.

Answer the following wrap-up questions when your time management log is complete:

1) How well do your Part 1: Self-Evaluation answers correlate with your actual time log? Without setting short-term daily/weekly goals for myself and my school work I would not be able to get my school work done.

2) Does your log reflect the priorities you outlined in Part 1? If not, what changes do you have to make? If so, discuss why. I have 3 priorities right now, 1st is my Day care job without that income my family would not make it. 2nd is my school work and getting good grades and being done with assignments early or on time. 3rd is my family, they are why I am going to school and I all so have to be there for them.

3) Can you use what you do with your time at work or home to help with school, or vice versa? Since I have the privilege of working from home for 10.5 hours a day I do most of my school work then. Without that privilege I do not know when else in my hectic schedule I would be able to fit in my school work.

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