Titleindividual, Family, and Household Crime Control Essay

The human physic is very impressionable and once the sweet taste of freedom is experienced after a long term of confinement. It is beneficial to society and the ex-convict to have the tools necessary to survive the world that once casted them off as criminals. Unfortunately, some doubt the efectviness of rehabilitation like conservatives. The reason for this idea is because to a conservative our society is being too soft on these once ex violators and believes that we are cuddling them instead of smacking them in the face with the harsh reality of the crimes they committed.

The key to rehabilitation is mainly preparing convicts of normal life and how to react among normal society. One key step to preparing convicts is job training. With job training it gives people the skills to live a normal life and to understand the real means dedication. Therapy is also another step one has to go through in order to follow social norms. Some criminals are just plain angry, if anger is linked to their criminal behavior than therapy is beneficial in deterring their emotions in committing acts of violence. Most anger managements have been used domestic abusers and drug addicts.

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Titleindividual, Family, and Household Crime Control
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Besides working on anger issues criminals have to be aware of victims. Victim awareness programs show these offenders how victims experience and how much damage is done to a victim due to their actions. You can say it improves the offender’s empathy to the situation and the victim. This program works wonders for first time offender and drunk drivers. But one major step is treatment of the offender habitual habits were it could range from drug abuse or sex offenders. It is imperative to treat these criminals of their mind set Page 2

Before letting them out to society cause most likely they will be a repeat offender and just another statistic. With the right treatments in place, generally it shows improvements on the individuals mind set. In todays United States it’s not pleasant to be a prisoner Incarceration is not meant to be fun, of course. But a combination of strict sentencing guidelines, budget shortfalls and a punitive philosophy of corrections have made today’s prisons much more unpleasant and much less likely to rehabilitate their inhabitants–than in the past, many researchers say (Benson 1).

To help shift the focus from punishment to rehabilitation, psychologists are doing research on the causes of crime and the psychological effects of incarceration. In the 1970s, when major changes were being made to the U. S. prison system, psychologists had little hard data to contribute. But in the past 25 years, says Haney, they have generated a massive literature documenting the importance of child abuse, poverty, early exposure to substance abuse and other risk factors for criminal behavior.

The findings suggest that individual-centered approaches to crime prevention need to be complemented by community-based approaches (Benson 2). Regardless of what anyone says these convicts needs to obtain treatments because eventually they will be released and in order to increase their rate of coming back certain guidelines need to be in place or it’s just another felon doing his dues and returning to the prison system, in the end costing our communities more money in housing these repeat offenders.

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