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to become a member Essay

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this is itI love you and am sending you a letter tomorrow.I want you to know I am sorry.Please, listen I will give you my address but DO NOT write b/c of parents. I will also give you my # but I will call you.I am sorry.Thank you though for believing in me and trusting me.Your an angel.

I am not completely over last nights disagreement and don’t want to cause any problems over it.

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to become a member
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I know what I put you through last night and I understand where you are coming from on the issue but I don’t think you know or understand where I stand and what I percieve. I have been in your position several times and know how angry you get and how frusterating it is. But before I always thought like you did, until I got into the opposite position and trust me, it is miserable. Either way I go about it, I am still wrong.

It is a long and complicated thing to get over because I can’t express my feelings and I can’t hold them back either. It will drive me insane if I do and if I don’t. What will become of it, i don’t know, but I won’t stop loving you regardless. I do believe in fate and have for a long time, and whatever you have been thinking about I would like to hear it. I won’t mention the arguement again and hopefully I will get over it and we can move on. I have a hair apointment at 11:00 and my wax apointment at 1:00 but hopefully I will be able to send you one more email before tonight. I love you dave honestly but at the moment I am feeling really down and discouraged. Please don’ttake my comments wrong and try to understand.

I am sorry and I did overreact but I know you think I appologized for my thoughts and perceptions and that I didn’t do. I love you too. I justwant to drop the whole arguement and deal with it by myself. I can work through it and then we can be back to normal. I am really scared of losing you too. But I don’t know what to do, or how to do it, and especially not how to cope alone. I will work it out for you, for us, though. I love you and don’t forget that. You are always in my heart and on my mind. I thought of something last night and sorry if you don’t like it.God and I love you the same amount and in the same way. We love you unconditionally and as a soulmate. All you have to do is close your eyes, and we are listening and hearing and understanding. We both love you and understand you and want you with us. I think you know that when you need me I am here, same goes for God. Most importantly, we both want you to be happy and fulfilled. That is unconditional, no matter what happens Dave, I want you to be happy and fulfilled.

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