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To Graduate From High School and to Attend College

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Rutgers is a college that can help me start a new life in the career I have always desired. It will guide me to explore new possible careers and discover more about myself. This college has the computer graphics major I want to pursue. It will help me develop important skills in an ideal learning environment. Rutgers has plenty of academic courses and it can help me gain the knowledge I seek. It has an excellent reputation for their academics, volunteer programs and internships.

Rutgers will be the key to transforming myself into someone who can take on any problem no matter how difficult it may appear. To present myself in a new environment that will help challenge myself to work at a higher level. Prioritizing my future goals and challenging myself to perform in a way that will help me be prepared for potential occupations.

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To Graduate From High School and to Attend College
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Persevering to face any kind of hurdles that can stand in my way of reaching my goals of becoming prosperous.

It will help strengthen my work ethic and what kind of person businesses desire to have work for them. Rutgers’ university is my first choice when it comes to picking colleges. I believe Rutgers will put me on the right track to starting my career. Transferring to Rutgers university will help me grow closer to achieving my career goals. It will give me a new perspective on becoming more diverse and involved in the different opportunities it offers. I came from a hardworking family that has instilled values of dedication and a positive attitude to thrive for success. I’m first generation in my family to graduate from high school and to attend college. Many have spoken highly of Rutgers, such as, friends and family. My family has always taught me how important having an education is to become successful. Working hard for what I believe in and striving to accomplish it no matter how difficult it may be to complete it. Showing my family that anything is possible if you work towards your dream. In fact, when I was young I have always wanted to attend Rutgers university.

The art program it offers to their students has left a great impression on what type of career I want to obtain. Continuing my education to better my future and work in a job that would help create a path with countless opportunities. Letting their students learn hands on with projects and their professors to improve their knowledge. It will help me understand what type of work would succeed in our line of occupation. Rutgers’ university is the type of college that creates connections and helps students develop skills that can benefit their profession. It contributes to creating memories, inspire them to learn about themselves and other students. They provide students with the experience to impact others and challenge themselves to surpass expectation. To conclude, Rutgers’ university will enrich my life and assist me into achieving a successful academic education.

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