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To Kill a Mocking Bird Father Promt Essays

‘Most People are [Nice] Scout, When You Finally See Them Cumorah Taylor Portfolio Three, Lesson 14 15.3 Parent Contrast Essay
Fathers (in most families) play a dominant role in the growth of their children. In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there are three dominant fathers mentioned. Atticus, Bob and Mr. Cunningham raise their children in their own way, due to both their choices and circumstances. Atticus is a father who clearly cares about his children. The loving relationship is demonstrated when he reads to them, teaches them life principles, and when they run to greet him as he comes home from work. He has always worked to provide for them, and Scout and Jem have absolute trust in their father. Atticus takes time out of his day to answer questions, calm fears, and just talk with them. When he sees his children misbehaving, he reprimands them but in a careful and calm manner. A father like Atticus is phenomenal example for fathers everywhere. Bob Ewell is quite a different man. A drunk most of the time, he cannot keep a job and so collects monthly handouts from the state. He is abusive and demeaning to his children, and spends little (if any) time with them. He does not teach, play with or love them.
The Ewells are known to be uncared for, uneducated, filthy and disorganized. One might say Bob Ewell is the opposite of Atticus as a father. Walter Cunningham lies somewhere in-between. As a farmer, he is not able to give his children all of the clothing, shoes or food necessary, but he does his best. He sends them to school even though he could use their help elsewhere and fulfils the most basic roles as a parent. He does not spend as much time with his children as Atticus does, but surely cares about them.
The result is three very different families and three very different children. Although they all have the same responsibilities as a protector and provider, they honor it to different degrees. This is not uncommon, but is a growing problem all throughout the world. When fathers do not do their part families often fall apart, and the family is the basic unit of society. So when fathers strengthen families, they are actually strengthening much, much more.

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