To smoke or not to smoke Essay

To smoke or not to smoke - To smoke or not to smoke Essay introduction. Now there’s a question for you. Since I’m a smoker I guess I chose to smoke. Right or wrong? Who knows? I only know that I choose to smoke. Is my option and no one else has a right to tell me I can not smoke. They may tell me where I can or can not smoke, and they have. I smoke. I do it where I am allowed. Sorry if it offends some people but I get offended to when some lady walks by me wreaking of a full bottle of perfume. Or some man walks by me smelling of a full bottle of aftershave.

What difference does it really make anyway. Sure, there’s a chance I may get some kind of cancer, but that’s true for every human out there. Cancer cells are in your body 24 hours a day every day of your life. Anything may trigger them to go rampant on you. What about the people who die of cancer and have never touch a cigarette? Let me see. Would I rather die because of smoking, or because some doctor has put me on a prescription that has so many different side effects it could do anything from giving me a heart attach to killing my liver or kidneys.

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Oh and then there’s the multiple prescriptions for different ailments that no one knows if they will be compatible or not for sure. Our drug industry releases new pills everyday. They tell you they will cure this or that. Well maybe not cure but they will help. Then a few years later, low and behold, they are recalling this same drug because.. ooops.. it seems it has killed several 100 people. Sorry folks.. our mistake. Everyone wants to criticize a smoker. What about a drunk? Why is it OK for them to drive while intoxicated and kill someone?

Or cripple them for life? Everyone wants to come down on the smoker. Does anyone realize how much money a smoker puts into our economy these days. If the government thinks they need more money for something they put higher taxes on the tobacco industry. Don’t put higher taxes on alcohol though. I’m a good person. I don’t have yellow rotting teeth or greasy hair. I may smell of cigarette smoke though, in fact my own mother tells me I stink, she’s an ex smoker by the way so at one point she chose to smoke.

I would never tell anyone to start smoking. It’s a bad habit, on that I agree. But if I were to total up my bad habits, there’d be two, I smoke and I curse. Doesn’t make me a bad person. I don’t encourage smoking. I don’t advertise it. In fact if asked I’ll tell someone to not do it. So as to the question to smoke or not to smoke. Don’t smoke, but if you choose to, try to be a cordial smoker by respecting non-smokers rights. Be a safe smoker.

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