To the Admissions Board of the American University Essay

To the Admissions Board of the American University;

It is with humbled pride that I request you to consider my application for a student slot under your Washington Semester program - To the Admissions Board of the American University Essay introduction. I realize that only the best and brightest international students are accepted into these internship programs, particularly the International Business and Trade course, which is the same internship that I wish to participate in with a concentration on Business relations with China. As I have completed my college education at the Management School of Paris with a major in Business Administration, and having accomplished a 7 month long internship in Washington DC from September 2006 – April 2007, I am confident that I can make a tremendous impression as well as add to my knowledge and skills by participating in your internship and learning programs.

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To the Admissions Board of the American University
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During my internship in the Washington DC area, I worked at an office where I was assigned to the position of Product Development Manager. In this capacity, I was able to assist and work with product development teams who were tasked to turn the creative visions of the company into a solid reality. It was during this time when I also got my first taste of participating in creating a budget for the development of a project. Since I worked for a company with global interests, I learned how important international business relations are to the success of the local and national business community. Over time, I came to realize that China has slowly emerged as a leader of sorts in world economy and business. Therefore, there is an imperative need for people to understand how business and trading systems work in China. Hence my interest in that particular field.

I am a socio-civic minded person and while in college, I often participate in activities that allow the fostering of understanding and brotherhood among the international students. I still continue along that line these days. I am always willing to help bridge the cultural gaps between people because I believe that cultural gaps causes the problems in the international business sector and as such, much be overcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. It is my hope that you will seriously consider my application. I look forward to hearing about the results from you very soon.









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