Tobacco Abuse Essay

 Tobacco AbuseSmoking can be defined as inhalation of smoke that comes from the burning tobacco covered in pipes, cigars and cigarettes.

Tobacco is actually one of the most extensively used addictive substances all over the world. It tends to be a plant native to the Americas and traditionally one of the most essential crops grown by the American farmers. From the year1617 to the year1793 tobacco was the very valuable staple export from the English American mainland colonies as well as the United States (Donald 1998).

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Tobacco Abuse
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However, the program is designed purposely to motivate the youth against tobacco use, to provide skills as well as strategies for resisting use and to establish the non-use attitudes along with the beliefs.

The program will address the effects of tobacco abuse. It’s an interactive tobacco prevention meant at escalating the youth’s knowledge of the harsh realism of tobacco abuse. The youth will experience so many activities that will empower them to avoid using tobacco.

During the informative presentation, all the youths will witness an actual cancerous long and they will be able to see what a year’s worth of tar looks like (Donald 1998).

The effects of tobacco abuse are: tooth abrasion which causes added sensitivity as well many require corrective treatment. Another one is gum recession which is the constant irritation to the spot within the mouth whereby a small wad of chewing tobacco is placed might result in permanent damage to periodontal tissue. It also damages the sustaining bone structure (Donald 1998). It as well brings about oral cancer which comes as a result of chewing tobacco and its irritating juices that are left in contact with gums, lips and cheeks for a long period of time.

All this will be advised to the youths during the program with the aim of reducing the effects of tobacco abuse. ReferencesDonald, S. (1998). Cigars: Health Trends plus Effects.

New York: Diane Publishing Press.  

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