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Tomb of the Unknown Speech

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Student name: Christopher Bowdoin Date: Thursday, November 01, 2012 Soldiers of the Tomb of the Unknown General Purpose:To inform Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about the soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Central Idea:Since 1937, the Tomb of the Unknown has been guarded 24/7 by an elite group of soldiers. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Material A. What where you doing at 0500 this morning? B. Lets imagine it is 0500 in Washington D. C. and you hear Hurricane Sandy is heading toward D.

C. What would you do? II. Orienting Material A. Tomb Guards (Sentinels) have been doing this since 1926. B.

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Tomb of the Unknown Speech
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They are a part of the 3rd Infantry Regiment also known as “The Old Guard” (Transition:Let’s begin by discussing the history of the Tomb Guards. ) BODY I. The Old Guard has a long history of service to the U. S. , dating back to 1784. It is also the oldest active infantry unit in the military. A. Since World War II, the Old Guard has served as the official “U.

S. Honor Guard” unit and “Escort to the President,” as well as maintaining its combat roles in the war. B. Today they defend civil authorities in Washington D. C. and support overseas contingency missions. Among this unit there consists the platoons: U. S.

Army Drill Team, Continental Color Guard, Caisson Platoon, Presidential Salute Battery, Pershing’s Own, Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, and last but not least, The Tomb Guard. (Transition:Now that we know a little history about this elite unit, do you know what it takes to become a Tomb Guard? ) II. The Tomb Guards of “The Old Guard” unit are the most elite Honor Guard there is in the military. A. The Old Guard recruits soldiers based on certain intangible traits, and with requirements for height and weight, physical fitness, aptitude scores, and conduct. B. The Tomb Guards will be considered the best in this elite unit. Transition:After meeting all these initial requirements the trainee still has to meet other responsibilities) III. Upon meeting the physical requirements, they will be sent to Tomb Guard Training. A. This is where the trainee meets their Tomb Guard Trainer. The trainer informs trainee of what is expected of them. B. This training consists of 6-12 months of intense training. If the Trainee passes, they should be able to conduct seven different types of ceremonies, to meet the highest standards of uniform preparation, and recite 35 pages of information without error.

If they fail… they are sent back to their company. Only 581 Badges have been awarded in the history of the Tomb, which makes it the second least awarded badge in U. S. military history. (Transition:Once the new Tomb Guard has completed training, they are released into one of three Tomb squads or reliefs. ) CONCLUSION I. Summary A. Without the Tomb Guard the novelty of the Unknown Soldier would not be as famous as it is presently. Would capitol visitors make it a highlighted attraction if the actions of Tomb Guard soldiers were not so publicly promoted?

B. The responsibilities and duties of the Tomb Guard soldiers are intense and demanding, yet the unparalleled honor and valor engrossed in this noble act is what truly sanctions the Tomb Guard as greatly momentous in our country. II. Clincher A. Tomb Guards walk the mat in front of the Tombs of the Unknown 21 steps and wait 21 seconds before repeating this process guarding the tombs. B. Think you have what it takes to “Walk the Mat among the elite honor guard? ” BIBLIOGRAPHY Cited: Tombguard. org VISUAL AIDS Power Point

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