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In  the Trainspotting novel, Tommy Laurence was the character I liked the most - Tommy Laurence Essay introduction. The main reason why I liked his character was because of his nature. The way how things turned out for him caught my attentio—the way he went up and down. Life is beautiful but it is very much dependent on how you live it. In his earlier, he didn’t use heroin and he seems content with just drinking. He likes to play football and listen to leggy pop. When his girlfriend dumped him, that was when he started using heroin to cope with the depression. His life changed just because of his girlfriend dumping him for losing one of the tapes. Heroin became a habit for him as he found that it relieved his depression and it made him feel better. It was also partly because of his friend Renton that he got hooked since Renton provided him with the heroin. Renton was also the person who stole the tape which was the main reason why his gielfriend dumped him. These incident changed Tommy’s personal behavior. He didn’t care what happened to him anymore. In the end, he was diagnosed with HIV.  So, the main point about his character is that his life changed because of many unfortunate circumstances and he just ended giving up.



Novel and Film

I watched the film before I had the chance to read the book. Actually, I wastched the film long before it came out. Trying to read the novel Trainspotting is not easy going because you will soon find skim over words and it will make no difference. When you’ve seen the movie before reading the book, it is fuuny because you can see the story from the different character viewpoints. The book is somewhat difficult to follow because of the way it was written. There are some parts that are in the novel that are not in the film just like what happened to Mark’s brother. The best things in the film were the relationships that Welsh created.  On the other hand, the book allows you to see and think more about the characters. It sort of give you the missing pictures in the film. After watching the film, I though it would be worth it to get and read it because you can better visualize what happens in the novel after having seen the movie. In the film, you cannot go back but in the book you can go back and take notes. So, in my point of view, watching the film before reading the book made me more interested to read on and it also made me feel that the characters are alive.


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