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Topics and Thesis Statement Essay

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  Topic 1: Discrimination against People with HIVThesis Statement: There are both stereotypes and medical facts that lead people to discriminate against people who are suffering from HIV.Reason for the topic: In completing a research for this topic, the researcher expects to provide deep and critical insights into the discrimination that exists against people with HIV. In eliminating discrimination, which is regarded negatively for this situation, there is a need to fully understand the issues associated with it in order to help alleviate some of the concerns of the aforementioned patients.

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Topics and Thesis Statement
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Likewise, this will add to the existing literature that is written about the topic of HIV and fill the existing gaps.Formulation of the thesis statement: The thesis statement is based on the need to provide a clear and specific focus for the research. It is also narrowed down to several subtopics in order to have a full focus for the research in understanding only the important elements. A quick research is also done in order to gain insights and assess the viability of the topic.

Topic 2: Importance of ErgonomicsThesis Statement: Ergonomics is the application of theories from other disciplines to engineer the nonhuman components of the environment to comfortably fit the human design that leads to several effects.Reason for the topic: It is a topic which is very timely and is among the hottest of today’s concerns.Formulation of the thesis statement: The central topic is defined and the source of its importance, which is the impact, has to be the focus of the research.   Topic 3: Glass Ceiling EffectThesis Statement: Despite the arguments made and legal statutes implemented to reduce the discrimination against women in the workplace, there exists a glass ceiling effect that restricts women employees to advance in their careers.Reasons for the topic: The researcher is curious of this phenomenon and would want to know more about it.Formulation of the thesis statement: The researcher conducted previous research in order to learn what is already known of the topic.

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