Total Quality Management: Review and Discussion Questions Essay

Review and Discussion Questions 1. Is the goal of Six Sigma quality realistic for services such as Blockbuster Video stores? The goal of Six Sigma is realistic in service settings like Blockbuster video stores. Quality standards may be hard to create because it is subjective to customer perceptions. 2. “If line employees are required to work on quality improvement activities, their productivity will suffer. Discuss Quality improvement and productivity do work inversely of each other. Quality improvement activities are used not only for companies to maintain a good reputation but mainly to reduce time and money spent on rework and scrapping product.

Focusing on quality control means products will more likely be made correct the first time. This translates to higher productivity because time isn’t used reworking product already worked on. Problems 2.

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Total Quality Management: Review and Discussion Questions
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Fishbone Diagram 6. Evaluate the service quality of your bank’s website using the dimensions of perceived e-SQ given in Exhibit 7. 13. The website has up to date information pertaining to all of my checks readily available after I log on, and on the provides links to my accounts activities.

The different tabs and links are labeled clear enough for anyone to navigate and get help when I need it, or if I wanted to transfer money I could do that easily as well.

The only negative is that there are too many screens that the user must navigate through to do the transfers. There could be improvements to the ease of navigation and efficiency due to the number of screens to do a transfer. Security Policy is pretty beefy and high, aesthetics match the service. There is minimal customization; the only thing that makes it personal is my name and account numbers.

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