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Success of Record UK Company

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  • Pages 3
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    The new organization has its headquarters in Wish, SOUth of Glasgow and has offices in Battle, Yorkshire and Breakthrough in Hampshire. From our 30,000 square foot manufacturing agility the company supply and install throughout the UK. Our success over the years has been achieved through our ability to understand the specific requirements of each and every client and offer quality products coupled with our unrivalled level of service and workmanship. From initial enquiry through to final handover of works Record UK handle each project with the individual attention a customer expects.

    Pride is particularly taken in the efficiency of our production times, we offer a ‘one-stop shop’ service by manufacturing both doors/screens and door operator assembly under the one roof. This process allows us to reduce time on-site to a minimum, typically half the time of our competitors. Record UK achieve this by holding stocks of all metal extrusions and electrical components required, for all products offered, within our facility in Wish. When all details are agreed with the client record are normally in a position to be on site within a week to ten days.

    Customers Record UK look after many high Street Banks such as Suntanned, RIBS, and Barclay. As well as retailers such as, Tests, B&Q, Boots, and many more, as well as Local Authorities and INS Trusts have chosen to place their trust with Record UK in getting the right solution for their entrances. Amongst the most important reasons record retain this business is through our ability to supply high quality systems on time and importantly on budget. Seen in High Streets throughout the UK, Record UK is one of the market leaders in the UK for Aluminum Shop fronts.

    Purpose / Goals Whether supply only or including full installation and glazing Record are recognized as being the most efficient, competitive and reliable companies of our type. Pride is particularly taken in our ability to deliver on time every time. Where linens are looking for a ‘frameset look’ Toughened Glass Assemblies come into their own. Using various thicknesses of tempered glass and clamping together with specialist fittings record can offer almost any configuration of glass walls and entrance doors.

    This application is especially useful in listed buildings where minimum framework is required. 247 Door Maintenance, as the name implies, specialist in planned maintenance and reactive repairs of commercial doors. All types of commercial doors are repaired and maintained including manual and automatic. 247 businesses are based on offering quick and efficient repairs to our customers ever growing requirements. When you buy a Record product, you need to have peace of mind that your investment is backed up by a professional service organization.

    At Record 247 the service arm of Record SKI, we have the know, technology and experience to keep your automatic in optimum condition. With a national network of directly employed engineers, fully stocked vehicles, offices in Scotland, Yorkshire and Hampshire, a rah 7 day a week helpless, you can expect a response to match your business needs. Our service gives a quick response, a high first time fix, and costs that are in control.

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