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Toulmin Outline for Classical Argument Essay

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Toulmin Outline for Classical ArgumentShopping at Wal-Mart is good for the consumerClaim: People should shop at Wal-MartReason: It domesticates the prices of basic commodities.Grounds: Evidence that Wal-Mart has numerous branches across the United States and offers a uniform set of prices in every branch[The standardized pricing scheme for products sold at Wal-Mart allows consumers to buy certain goods that are normally expensive in other stores.

]Warrant: People should exercise wise spending when shopping.Backing: Argument showing why practicality is an important reason.

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Toulmin Outline for Classical Argument
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[The prices of domestically manufactured goods differ from those of goods manufactured in other places, thus, the wide array of goods and services sold by Wal-Mart allow consumers to purchase local and transported products in relatively similar prices:  Thereby giving more variety to consumers.]Questioning the stated reason and grounds:The price domestication exercised by Wal-Mart marginalizes the consumer options.

[While Wal-Mart’s cheaper prices increases the quantity of a certain product that consumers purchase, it limits the consumers’ options in choosing a brand for a particular commodity.

This is because the domesticated pricing scheme compromises variety of brands available, not every brand of a certain product is offered by the store.]Questioning the warrant and backing:Domesticated economic prices for all products tend to eliminate practicality.[Yes, the prices of Wal-Mart are cheap regardless if they require shipment; however, the variety of products available to consumers also prompts them to spend more.]        

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