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Tourism course issue

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This chapter presents an overview of the current study which discusses the reasons of BS Tourism Management Students why they choose the course. Researcher’s from University of the East Caloocan focuses their attention on the student’s reason they choose, it is to identify the number one reason of the students why do they took Tourism Management. This chapter includes the background of the study, plan of the thesis and its conclusion.

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Tourism course issue
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According to the research of Guangpeng Siriwan (2011), the tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

It is reported that the industry represented approximately 3 percent of the world’s total labour force in 1999 (International Labour Organization 2001) and rose to approximately 8 percent and created more than 235 million jobs globally in 2010 (International Labour Organization 2010).

As of today, many students choose the course Tourism Management without any possible reason, but only few students expressed little interest in pursuing the career because of their regrets in getting the course.

That is why the researchers conducted a study to be able to understand what drives the students in choosing the course. As a result, it is important to develop the career-decision-making of the students, to identify the factors that pursue their decision making in taking the course.


The primary purpose of the study is to identify and to understand the factors why do students choose their Tourism Management course. The researchers conducted a survey in the University of the East Caloocan that the BSTM 1st-4th year students answered. There are 40 participants every year is consist of 10 participants. The survey contains some of the possible reasons of taking up the course and they are only allowed to answer one possible reason. As the researchers gathered the surveys, they started to gather the results.


This chapter provides an overview of the current study. It introduces the research background of the study and the plan of the thesis. Later, it describes the primary purpose of the study, which is to investigate what drives the students to take the Tourism Management course and to understand the possible reasons.

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