Toyota vs. Ford Essay

The Toyota Tacoma and the Ford Ranger are the two best-selling compact trucks on the market - Toyota vs. Ford Essay introduction. The Ford Ranger has been the overall best-selling compact pick-up, in America. The Toyota Tacoma has been the overall best-selling selling import pick-up and America’s best-selling compact 4×4 making it a more popular truck then the Ford Ranger. Even though they have very similar options like 4 door, 2 door, 2wd, and 4wd, the parts and styles used are very different.

Also the Ford Ranger is very cheap, but it comes with fewer options and it isn’t as strong or as good handling as the Tacoma. The Tacoma is a much better truck than the Ford Ranger for many reasons starting with its handling off road, it’s tow capacity and it’s suspension system. The Toyota Tacoma is a compact 4×4 sport truck with a 3. 4L 24 Valve V6 engine, giving it about 190 base horsepower, and 220 pound-feet torque. Compared to the Ranger’s little lawn mower engine, a 4. 0L V6 pushing 160 horsepower and also 220 pound-feet torque.

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So if your looking for a stronger compact truck you should definitely look at the Toyota Tacoma, not only is it stronger but it also has a towing capacity 2. 5 times that of the ranger, towing a massive 5000 pounds, while the Ranger tows a measly 2000 pounds. So if you own a boat or have a trailer and you want to be able to tow it I suggest getting a Toyota Tacoma. Also when your looking for a new vehicle you want to have a nice smooth ride, and not feel every bump and hole in the road. The Tacoma’s come equipped with Double-Wish Bone front suspension and leaf spring rear.

The way the Double-Wish Bone suspension system is designed is to give you a smoother more comfortable ride both on and off the road. The Tacoma also has a Rack and Pinion steering system, which makes the Tacoma such a good handling vehicle. The Rack and Pinion steering allows the driver to be more in control of the wheel with less play in the wheel. Then you have the Ranger’s old school Twin I-Beam front and leaf spring rear, this set-up gives you a bumpier stiffer ride making the driver very uncomfortable.

Also the Ranger has power steering giving you bad handling and more play in the steering wheel. The Tacoma has better suspension, better handling and is a safer ride. The Tacoma is an overall better truck than the Ford Ranger. I would much rather have a Tacoma than a Ranger, they have so much more options, better handling, better suspension and a stronger engine. The Tacoma gets better gas mileage at 19 City/22 Highway, it also has a better appearance and is a more comfortable ride. The Toyota Tacoma is a way better truck than the Ford Ranger in the end.

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