On Aging

Maybe the poem explains from when you’re younger to when you get older, what the differences are - On Aging introduction. Paraphrase- It might be hard for him to see because his body is getting worn out, he has no feeling anymore because his body is aging. He can’t do some of the things that he is used to doing because when you’re older you’re limited, more confined to your age limit. You get crabby and irritated more because your tolerance level goes down, as well as your patience. All in all, things are just not the same as they used to and it’s not as easy as it seems.

Connotation- The implied meaning of the poem is that you should love life and live it to the fullest, it is a gift and you should embrace it when you have the chance because it doesn’t get any better when you grow older. When your fiftieth birthday comes people usually say you’re over the hill or you have hit the “Golden years”, at the end of the poem it says, “The Golden Years have come at last, The Golden Years can kiss my ass”, when I read this I interpret that it means that the phrase is kind of like sarcasm, he/she isn’t looking forward to all the pain or warring out of the body.

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They have less patience than they used to and their tolerance level is not that high. They have a play on words when they’re listing the things that they can’t do, obviously you can still use the restroom and chew food unless you have something medically wrong. But it does describe how most minds of older people are because of all the complications or obstacles they face.

Attitude- The tone or attitude of the poem is annoyed yet aggravated at the same time; it also has a little bit of informative attitude to it. The author gives you a numerous amount of examples that you might not be so excited to look forward to in the future, like not being able to see or not being able to chew, hear, remember and so forth, this is why I think that the tone of the poem is annoyed/aggravated. Shift- The shift in the poem goes from complaining to questionable, back to complaining.

He was listing things on what has changed and what he can no longer do, to asking questions, to saying in a way how he feels about the situation. Title- The title of the poem really is giving you a hint of the poem because in the poem it is explaining on the differences there is when you age. The title is straight forward just like the poem is. Theme- The theme of the poem is that they may call it “The Golden Years”, but in reality, they’re not so golden.

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