Traditional Words and Phrases Essay

1 - Traditional Words and Phrases Essay introduction. Situational Irony occurs when what happens turns out to be quite different from what sometimes is the opposite of what is expected. 2. An example of Situational Irony is when the luxury liner The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable, but then was proven wrong when The Titanic hit an ice burg and sank the Maiden Voyage. 3. Another example of Irony of Situation is when many Americans, including government officials, and Military leaders, believed that The Vietnam conflict could be ended quickly, later on in the future realized that The Vietnam turned out to be the longest war in American history. 4. In the ‘Indian camp” there are several examples of discrepancy between expectation and fulfillment. 5. One instance of Situational Irony in “Indian camp” is it is the Indians wife, not the husband who suffers excruciating physical pain, yet it is the husband who commits suicide.

6. Another example of Situational Irony in the story “Indian camp” is when Nick’s father brings Nick to the Indian camp to watch the birth of a baby, yet Nick was far more interested in the death of a man. 7. The final instance of Situational Irony is when Nick watches a man die, but afterwards feels quite sure that he himself will live forever. 8. Irony of Situations involves a conflict between what is anticipated and what actually occurs. Since this is perhaps one of the functions of Irony of Situation in “Indian camp” it is to suggest the mystery and unpredictability of life.

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