Traffic in Vietnam Essay

Traffic in vietnam

Vietnam being a developing country, infrastructure is not yet up to the standards - Traffic in Vietnam Essay introduction. Traffic can be difficult especially for people visiting the country. This is because there are rules implemented but people do not seem to follow them. Having more than two people on a motor bike is common. Majority of the people do not pay attention to the traffic laws. As a visitor it is therefore important to be driven than to drive. One needs to be careful because traffic in Vietnam is chaotic.

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Some avenues have traffic lights though most of the streets do not. It is worse during rush hours, when people are in a hurry to get to their work place or to get home. Some people do not have conscious. They will ride motor bikes on pavements and are likely to hit the people walking. Road users become impatient and hoot even when there is nowhere to go.

There is increasing number of cars on the road increasing congestion. Traffic police seem to be overwhelmed by the traffic in Vietnam such that little can be done (HOW TO SOLVE TRAFFIC JAM IN VIETNAM, P.3)..

Various methods can be used to solve these problems. One of the ways is by improving technology. Introducing and construction of railway is an effective method. Highways and subways should also be constructed. This way, there will be easy flow of traffic and traffic infrastructure will also be improved.

Secondly, people can be educated whereby they are shown the importance of following rules. For example those using motor bikes should avoid using pavements. Traffic lights should be introduced in majority of the streets and people should follow them. Traffic police should also help to control traffic.


Traffic jam reduces Vietnam’s development. Traffic laws should be established to govern people. If a person is found breaking them, action should be taken. This way there will be order in traffic and unnecessary jam and accidents will be avoided.























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