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Tragedy of Hamlet by Shakespeare

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  • Pages 4
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    Hamlet is truly one of the most famous tragedies of world theater history. Hamlet kicked off the period of Shakespeare’s tragic writing, which is his most profound historical psychological play. The work reflects the spirit of the era with the crisis and deadlock of the humanistic ideals. Hamlet is a very special character, never before in the previous culture, as well as not possible later. Hamlet is not only concerned with the duty of revenge and the throne, but also more concerned with dignity, life and human life. The bad social reality contradicts his ideals, causing him to reevaluate everything and find for himself a righteous attitude. The actual assessment and determination process has caused Hamlet’s souls of moments of pain, pessimism, skepticism, hesitation, and ‘to be or not to be’, the minutes ‘endure or resist up’. In the end, Hamlet had found the truth of the struggle, but because he was lonely and lacking in vigilance, he had collapsed because of the enemy’s trap.

    With Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, after the death of his father, who symbolized the Renaissance idealist model, Hamlet was thrown to the sidelines of life. Although the people in the invitation invited and promised, he understood that he did not belong to their world. The game of the wings, cruelty, deception, tricks … is not Hamlet’s game. He wanted to find, want to see another world. It was no coincidence that Shakespeare let Hamlet wonder so much about the meaning of life and death. ‘Death,’ according to Hamlet, ‘is sleep. No more’. However, those who choose to die before fulfilling their obligations (fighting for righteousness) in the world will not have a peaceful sleep, ‘Because, in that sleep of the dead, when I have escaped this mundane body, what dreams will come, that makes us stop thinking. It is that that causes many disasters for this long life ”. There is also another kind of death, though Hamlet does not directly state it, but we still understand, “What is human being, if he brings all the essence and value of his life to eating and resting? Just animals, nothing more. Indeed ”. So people need to live. Living is synonymous with doing good, ‘Living, or not being alive – that’s the point.’ To endure all the stones, the arrows of fate, or to hold up the weapons to fight and destroy them, which is more noble ?. Of course, Hamlet would choose the path of ‘picking up weapons.’ In the process of assessing reality and determining the reality caused in Hamlet’s soul the moments of pain, pessimism, skepticism, hesitation, and moments of concern. In the end, Hamlet found out the truth of fighting, but because he was lonely and lacking in vigilance, he collapsed because of the enemy’s trap.

    The Hamlet tragedy contains many topics, such as justice and vengeance, human destiny and the purpose of life, health and madness, appearance and reality, woman and love. love, rights and duties as king, poison and corruption. First of all, all of Hamlet’s actions were set out by the ghost for the Prince, which was revenge for the father who was murdered in vain. At this point, the Prince’s soul was tormented by questions. Who’s upset when he sees his mother in the arms of the person who killed his father? This opens a topic about the desire of a woman in love, when a husband dies. Is excercation with the deceased husband necessary and sacred for the whole husband and wife? From here, not only is revenge for his father, but Hamlet also experienced many more problems, he struggled between affection and reason, between heart and mind. Because his noble soul does not allow him to act without thought. The questions that torment him are also the questions posed to the times today when it is necessary to judge something. It is a combination of many aspects and people have to see the bottom line to solve.

    Hamlet opened up a moral and talent requirement for the nation’s top people. And when they use despicable tricks to climb to the top of the power, they should be punished. It is right and justice, charity that Hamlet represented the people to speak up.

    Like when Hamlet feigned insanity, everyone thought it was true, but whoever was good, that was just his form of disguise. A perfect cover. So how is life today with so many realities, fake things intermingled? How do we see its nature? The immortality of Shakepeare’s compositions is from a story that he evokes many humanistic topics to the posterity. These topics are still hidden behind his psychological language. It is only realized when the reader has the harmony and understand the thoughts that the author sent. And Hamlet is one of his life’s works, when many issues of human life and relationships have been mentioned by Shakepeare.

    Hamlet is a tragic character that shows Shakespeare’s broken humanity. But Shakespeare did not lose faith in the future. So, Hamlet is not the spokesman for the whole idea of ​​Shakespeare. Hamlet did not recognize the road, in order to escape the deadlock, despair. Nowadays, in the world literature, the concept of ‘Hamlet disease’ still exists only in the attitude of reflection and reasoning, but not enough trust and courage to act in detail. But anyway, Hamlet lives forever in the hearts of the world’s readers, with the tragedy of his life reflecting the inevitable contradiction of development, of the struggle between beauty and evil in social existence. . Hamlet will always give rise to the hearts of people forever not only in the mood of sadness but also in the aesthetic emotions, leading them to the thoughts of the greatness that exists in the muddy world.

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