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I will be hosting a two-day management workshop at a local hotel - Trainee Essay introduction. Because there are one hundred managers scheduled to attend, we will require three rooms, one large ballroom and two smaller meeting rooms. The workshop will be called “Planning for and Delivering Effective and Motivational Feedback”. It will be scheduled from 9am to 5pm on both days and will include lectures and smaller workshops. As the participants arrive, they will check in and receive all necessary documents and an itinerary. Each will wear a name badge which will also include the name of their company and the position they hold. We will require laptops, projectors, handouts and writing tablets.

The first day of the workshop will begin with an introductory lecture in the main ballroom. I will introduce myself as well as the other employees who will be conducting the individual workshops. The first lecture will last from 10 to 11am (giving the participants time to check in, eat and mingle) and will include a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of effective performance reviews and the pitfalls of dealing with employees whose reviews are less than satisfactory. When the first session concludes, the participants will be broken up into groups (which had been created before the workshop). Two groups of twenty-five people each will remain in the main ballroom; the other fifty participants will be divided between the smaller meeting rooms. This is a large enough group to get feedback; it is small enough to ensure that everyone is heard and has opportunities to ask questions.

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The first workshop will be entitled “Planning For Performance Reviews” and it will take place from 11am-12:30pm. The participants will begin by sitting in a circle, introducing themselves, and giving one anecdote about their experiences as a manager (each manager will be encouraged to keep the story short and to the point).  The lecturer will discuss a planning system for keeping on top of employee performance. Planning ahead means that managers will not be stuck the night before a review cramming a years’ worth of information in their heads. Tools such as Microsoft Outlook’s calendar and other software will be discussed. Managers will be encouraged to complete a monthly inventory of their employees’ progress, and they will be given the necessary forms.

Lunch will take place from 12:30 to 2:00, and the participants will eat together in the main ballroom so that they can spend more time getting to know each other. At 2:00, they will break into the same groups, this time for “Delivering Motivational Feedback”. Four interpersonal communications experts will be giving managers advice on effective strategies that will allow them to deliver bad news when necessary) in an encouraging way. Everyone will meet up in the ballroom again at 4:00, during which time the leaders will address concerns in a large forum.

The second day will involve role-playing. They will be given sample performance reviews and paired up with a partner to do a mock evaluation. During the evaluation, they will be expected to use the concepts and terms discussed the previous day, and the person being evaluated will present the worst case scenario (such as arguing and contesting the evaluation). Afterwards, they will meet up in their original 25-person groups to discuss the role-playing session. After lunch, they will have one more role-playing session before meeting again in the main ballroom for a final lecture/discussion.

There will be difficult trainees, and my staff will be prepared to deal with them. We can always expect a trainee who insists on talking for longer than the allotted time. They will be encouraged to keep it short and cut off if necessary. The other type of trainee will be the manager who knows it all and who disagrees with everything. This person will be encouraged to listen and address concerns at the proper time.

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