Training and Development 407

The four levels of evaluation are inter-related in several ways - Training and Development 407 introduction. For example, level one is related to level two in that in order to learn better, one needs to demonstrate a positive reaction to the environment they are learning in. Since level one involves reaction and it measures leaner’s perception, it does not indicate performance potential which can be indicated in level three. In level two, participants improve knowledge, change their attitudes and increase skills due to their participation in learning processes. Level two relates to level three in that the reality of job performance, as it is required after learning, is not well tested in this level but in level three. Since learning is a process, it starts from the first level up to the last level. This ensures that learning actually takes place and that what has been learned has been useful. In addition, the intended training is proven to have been effective to the organization. The four levels of evaluation are thus related in that they are dependent on each other. Level four is related to the other three levels because the outcome of what has been done in the other levels is determined in this level. The first three levels of evaluation are used to track the problems in the training or learning package (Moseley & Dessinger, 2009).

In conclusion, the four evaluation levels have relationships and one cannot do without the other for a complete training to be effective. This  because level one measures or indicates relevance of the training, the second level informs or indicate the relevance of the training, the third level informs one on the degree of application to the learners’ work, while the last level informs about the benefits the organization have received from the training.

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Moseley, J. L.; & Dessinger, J. C. (2009). Handbook of improving performance in the workplace, measurement and evaluation. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons.

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