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Training and Development

Training is an essential process carried on by the organizations to keep their employees’ skills and capabilities inline with the changing environment - Training and Development Essay introduction. Several of training methods include hiring skilled expertise from various organizations or universities who train the employees for a limited period of time; moreover, organizations also send their employees abroad for training purposes as in to attend conferences or training sessions. Nevertheless, there are certain measures that can be taken for the purpose of keeping the process of transfer or training endured.

Managers can arrange the workshops or lecture sessions within the organization for addressing the latest developments and challenges being occurred in the market or industry. In such workshops, experienced and skilled personnel from various organizations working at either the top level or lower level are asked to come and impart the knowledge necessary to be understood and acted upon accordingly. Organizations often try to save costs of training and development by collaborating and coordinating with other firms operating within the same industry. They often share their technology, methods of production, and also their employees who work for the other company for a limited time period to experience different working environment and learns something new out of it.

Organizational structure and environment has a great impact over training and development of the employees. Organizations with a flat and organic structure, which has few layers of hierarchies and supportive environment, face usually less training problems that those that have tall and mechanistic structure (Daft, 1997). Environment or culture of the company should promote open-book communication and friendly environment where the employees can easily coordinate among the departments or divisions and find out their own strengths and deficiencies that can be overcome in the future.



Daft. R. L. (1997). Management. Fourth Edition. U.S.A. The Dryden Press.



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