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Training and development paper

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Training and Development Paper

Training and education in the health care field is imperative. This research is explaining the training and education, importance of measuring competencies, process for tracking, and evaluating training effectiveness. Organizations are to become a successful place for their employees and managers as an asset of their people; however, not part of their expense. With managers who want their employees to have the greatest knowledge and skills that the organization can offer employee to have. However, training, and development are almost similar to each other but not the same of a kind.

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Training and development paper
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Training is promoting the employees with the skills they need to perform their job duties. Therefore, development is there for employees to move forward in the future within the organization.

Consequently, with training, and education so vital in health care is for employees to develop. Training is focus on giving employees the special training and skills he or she needed to performance. Example, there may be new technology that employees have to learn how to use such as, showing or evening an in-services how to work the equipment.

Development for employees is to move forward within the organization over the future. Organization that handles health care must continue well-informed on behave of their employees.

Education is part of learning skills such as, process through theories, model, and value so that employees may develop and understanding of the training to performance. Education plays an important role in moving an organization toward a culture of service excellence (“Steven & Lee,”2011-2012). When concerning both education and training, managers vital for employees to seek advice, accuracy, and skills employees need for work. If employees does not have the training about new technologies and new treatment because of the absence of training and education they employees did not receive would be an overwhelming on society today.

Therefore, measuring competences is important so it can provide employees and managers to determine what level and understand they have about their job they have are hired to do. A competence of measure is designed for the several plans under different categories. These different categories of measure competencies would vary, depending on the person. The first measure is evaluation of the person skills and level within the organization. Managers need to evaluate their employees, they divide it into categories such as problem solving, production, interaction with others, and emotional. Second, assessment environment, which most organization already has in palace that used on a six to a year annual report on the employees. When evaluating an employee never let him or her know what is going on because he or she is not going to get a direct evaluation. Managers would be able to collect more accurate measure on the employee of what he or she is doing by not letting him or her know. Last, provide positive feedback on what the employee need to do when improving n working stills. After manager evaluates the employee, he or she needs to provide good feedback to the employee directly and privately so it can help improve what that person need help in. Manager should provide only weakness and strength after carefully evaluation the employee performance. Manager should be straight with the way they would tactic the employee about the areas he or she need to improve. Process training for effective evaluation is important to understand how training quantity up. When training employees it can become expensive, but the cost do not matter when it is going to help benefit the employees to develop. The reason organization in healthcare should evaluate the training. To establishes if the evaluate were justified and worthwhile, show the progress of the employee skills, knowledge, it continues with employee improving his or her training, and identifies what the problem is within the training and come up with new training for the future.

In closing, training, and education is important any organization that handles healthcare. Managers establish good training and education for the skills they need for the employees to performance their duties. This report tells how to evaluate an employee’s skills and development with the health care field. Covering the training and education, important of measuring competencies, process for tracking and evaluating training effectiveness of these skills are used in healthcare organization. To help make the change, a company can focus on the improvement potential offered through training rather than correction of skill deficit (“Go’mez-Mejia, L. Balkin, D.” 2010).

Gómez-Mejía, David B. Balkin, and Robert L. Cardy (2010). Managing Human Resources September 5, 2012
Steven & Lee, (2011-2012). Educating and Training Retrieve September 5, 2012.

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