Training, Education and Diversity Essay

Training, Education and Diversity
Diversity refers to the wide variety of differences that exists between employees working in an organization - Training, Education and Diversity Essay introduction. It is not that simple because diversity includes gender, race, personality, age, ethnic group, education, background etc. Factors like Demographic change, greater acceptance and adaptability for differences, bigger marketplace are continuously increasing the need of diversity in an organization. Recently we can notice more women, people of different race, minorities and backgrounds have become a part of the workforce. Organizations will then face the same issues of managing the diversity effectively , which if not managed properly will not enable the company or the organization to utilize the potential of its workforce to the fullest and will even make it harder for them to grow or even survive in this highly competitive and complicated business world (Bucher, 2009). Organizations must educate and provide skills to their employees for adjusting in a global and a multicultural environment so that the employees become aware of other cultures, their norms, values, beliefs, behaviors, weaknesses and strengths.

The best strategy I observe is employed or adopted to manage diversity is implementation of training and education programs in organizations. This is an often used approach and helps in building awareness and skills. Also it helps employees in understanding the need for diversity, providing education to employees on cultural differences and making employees aware of the skills important in working in diverse environment and work teams. These programs differ in style and content from company to company and are highly influenced by organization’s diversity. All organizational situations can’t be handled by a single approach to manage diversity but obtaining support of top management, implementing a combination of strategies and developing a corporate culture that enjoys diversity can be a part of any approach to enhance outcomes. Organizations successful in managing diversity can easily distinguish between education and training. Education here refers in awareness building and creating the base or a general understanding. It helps in defining issues and also elaborates on type and nature of biases that affect our ability to perceive others properly. Training however involves activities that help in developing skills to effectively and smartly handle an issue.

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Training and education programs concerning diversity helps individuals to retain their own ethics and values and also encourages people in understanding that everyone is not alike. Instead of being prejudiced or petrified by the differences , employees are taught to accept the diverse interests, values, emotional and physical characteristics in the organization and this diversity does not hinder productivity or result in conflicts rather it proves to be helpful for the organization and helps in achieving the goals of the organization (Mujtaba, 2009).

The types of training programs that have been implemented in businesses are:

On the job – training and lectures:

These are low cost and informal lectures given to the employees in a workplace, usually referred as class room lectures.

Programmed instruction (PI):

It is a device that provides the information to the learner and brings out a response. Reinforcement principles are used to produce positive responses

Computer–Assisted instruction (CAI):

It is a more dynamic learning device as learners can interact with the computer and their progress and performances are being continuously monitored



Audio Visual techniques:

A new type of training program using audio visual devices such as slide projection and electronic blackboards.


Training simulations reproduce the characteristics that are important to create both learning and the transfer of skills and knowledge. It actually helps in creating or improving those processes in training that are required the most in an organization.

Business games:

Games such as monopoly are considered a very good training source for young capitalists as it opens their mind broader. There are other games that enhance not only the business skills but also helps in enhancing the interpersonal skills.

These programs promote acceptance of diversity present among the employees and therefore converts a harsh environment of a workplace into a welcoming and free environment where people are free to communicate and support each other on any task. It also helps in increasing the productivity level. Also these programs encourage the developing inactive skills and talents of the employees. Individuals who due to the factors like race, sexual orientation and gender have found themselves hard or almost unable to move forward or progress in the organization starts finding that these factors are no longer an issue. Employees naturally then start feeling more valued open up more and are not hesitant to go beyond their comfort zones and end up enhancing their skills more which proves to be beneficial for the team, the company and the individual itself (Carr-Ruffino, 2009).

Staff diversity program is one that I personally feel should be utilized so that not only the employees are trained and educated on the management of diversity but also the senior and top level managers are also trained on this matter because they are the most influential people when it comes to bring any big or productive change in an organization therefore training them is more necessary as compared to training the employees.

One program that I would really want to implement to ensure effective diversity management is language management program. As today most organizations are multi-cultural and therefore language results in a barrier among people from different cultures and hinder diversity therefore multi lingual employees result to be more efficient and productive in such organizations. Also language management program enables the employee to learn and speak English accurately and fluently thus bridging the gap between people of different cultures and improving the workplace environment.

A diversity management program is a long task and cant be done overnight and requires a lot of dedication and time but if patience, time and endless effort to train and educate employees continue, it will eventually bring a lot of difference in the communication process among the staff and employees and also a fairly good difference in the productivity of the organization.










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