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To speak of an ideal Christian America is almost utopic, to say the least, in these post-modernistic age. In these days, to dream of America as becoming a purely Christian nation is very much welcome, as long as it remains for many people a dream, and is kept at that. It’s okay. Anyway, the Christian faith sprouted and grew amidst a culturally diverse background, and it thrived to places where it was previously totally unknown. That is to say, that ever since its birth, Christianity has met resistance of every kind along its way to becoming finally the official religion of the Roman Empire in 300 A.D. As church historians have noted, in spite of the fact that the Christian religion has gained its ascendancy in the empire, there were setbacks in its true spiritual growth in that it was imposed upon people by the state, rather than risked a rejection among the people. For America to become a truly Christian nation, it doesn’t need to legislate the faith. Freedom and true tolerance must be maintained for all persuasions and religious beliefs. This is very important to understand, and must be distinguished from what is being propagated today by society at large.

The kind of tolerance that is spreading today and which has now becoming dominant is a “pseudo-tolerance” as Dr. John McArthur has called it (McArthur, 2008). It is far and different from the tolerance which was known before by our ancestors who believe in humility, purity, and self-control. The tolerance that our fathers knew was clearly respectful of other beliefs in spite of probably stark disagreements in many points. Today, true biblical virtues are scorned. It is even difficult now to define what is morally right and wrong. And worse, and ironically, America is really losing the tolerance that it claims to be promoting. The new tolerance is tolerant only of other beliefs except Christianity. It is tolerant of all perversions – the expressions of lifestyles which were before deemed immoral – except expressions of strict adherence to biblical truths. An ideal Christian America maintains and encourages respect for all beliefs, and yes, including the freedom among those who adhered strictly to fundamental teachings of the Bible.













































McArthur, John. 2008. Date Accessed: October 26, 2008.

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