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Many live their life with a vision or a goal to be something spectacular - Transfer essay - tell us why you would like to transfer introduction. Some people want to be a singer or an actress, while, others dream of being a doctor or a lawyer. As I entered elementary school and approached high school, many people would ask, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” Instantly, I would reply, “A business woman.”
As a young child, I was very familiar with the topics of business. My father, a passionate international businessman introduced me to this major. He frequently attended meetings, communicated with clients, and traveled all around the world. These aspects truly motivated and inspired me to become a successful business woman just like my father.

In year 2000, I moved to the United States from Korea hoping that maybe I’ll receive education that will help me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a business woman. I searched for schools that were strong in my field of study and I came across George Washington University. The first time I visited the campus, I was moved and I fell in love with it. I researched the university a bit more to get a better understanding of the structures and its academics standards.


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I loved the location, the appearance, the majors, but most of all, how it was academically beneficial to me. I needed a school that would challenge me academically and I was sure that George Washington would provide such challenges for me.
Unfortunately, when I applied to George Washington University, after I graduated from high school, I wasn’t accepted. I was devastated because I wanted to attend the school with the whole of my heart. However, I realized that I had one more chance. Then, I decided to go to Northern Virginia Community College hoping that after a couple of years, I will transfer to George Washington for the second time.

I want to experience George Washington’s campus and its environment. I know that the environment is much more advantageous than Northern Virginia Community College and that I will be able to obtain much more knowledge at George Washington University compared to my formal school. I also felt the need to change my environment. I need to expand out to something new, a place where I can meet new people, and learn about different cultures. More importantly, I want to have the privilege of been taught by your respected and world-class lecturers who I have been hearing their impact in the world of business and finance.

I believe that George Washington will lead me to a path of success and knowledge. Since, it’s respected amongst the educational communities and known to be prestigious; I want to be part of the university for the next semester. I will forever be grateful if giving the opportunity to study at this high-esteemed George Washington University, even though there are limited spaces. I know that if I do attend this university, I will try my very best to be one of the best students, no matter how difficult things may be.


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