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With great concern I hereby look forward to transfer or relocate to AUA as soon as possible - Transfer letter introduction. I am transferring in the middle of the course due to unavoidable circumstances. And surely I no longer feel to continue with my medical studies in St. Matthews Medical School. With so many underlying factors which I may honestly reveal, I will expect the understanding and the cooperation of St. Matthews Medical School may offer and or extend to me to make my transfer smooth and possible. At this point I beg to be understood by both parties.


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I have the humble opportunity to mention that I need to move to AUA to continue with my medical course. Among the many reasons that necessitate my transfer are; one, there are long waiting durations between rotations which I feel is a waste of time, these overextended waiting durations have been a nightmare for me. Two, the staff at St Matthews College is unfriendly, unfriendly by seemingly not caring about my future. However, after talking with many of the members of AUA, I am convinced that I need to be part of you to overcome my previous experience at St. Matthews Medical College. I have realized that your system may care about my education more, and you convincingly showed me signs of excellent performance when I join you. I really appreciate that would-be experience. One more thing is the closeness of the students-lecturer as this medical course demands with the flexibility aspect in conjunction with rotations which AUA has shown its proficiency.

I hereby humbly once again make the request to be accepted and admitted in the AUA community. Thanks you in advance.

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