Transformation of the Mass Media and Predictions for the Future Essay

Transformation of the Mass Media and Predictions for the Future

In today’s demanding and enterprising setting, print media, as the traditional and basic foundation of mass communication, is undeniably under a significant transformation - Transformation of the Mass Media and Predictions for the Future Essay introduction. This is because of the emergence of a diversified mass media wherein the public now opts for fresh forms of communication. While mass media transformation is generally beneficial, this evolution however mainly hurts the newspaper industry. This is because the reading public has also changed from mainstream print media to online or web mass communication particularly resulting into the downfall of the newspaper business.

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Transformation of the Mass Media and Predictions for the Future
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New or transformed media is manifested in several manners, notable of which is the existing system of blog communication. Beyond this new structure however is a more recognized and influential type of mass media. The transformation of mass media specifically gears towards what is called the social media. Social media is the new kind of mass media which is attributed to the nature and features of social networking. Lichtenberg (200) said that it is the modern kind of mass communication. This is because almost all sectors of the society are into or utilizing social media as a way to communicate or get in touch with others as well as even present and eventually manipulate people’s perspectives and sentiments. In fact, different positions and functions now exist within organizational set-up, political frameworks and community sectors thereby confirming that social media, as the transformed type of mass communication, has truly emerged (Lichtenberg, 2009). However, confusions and predicaments resulting from social media are harming the system of mass communication. Social media is unregulated and does not adhere to and even uphold established mass communication policies and principles. This is particularly depicted with the escalation of crimes such as sex-related offenses and drug trades. In the guise of legitimate type of media, illegal transactions occur within social media. It is therefore high time that social media is strictly regulated in order to save the industry from further deterioration.


Lichtenberg, R. (2009). 10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2009. Retrieved March 21, 2009, from


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