Transformational Leadership Strategy Essay


Transformation leadership strategies is the process where by the top most leaders in an organization or company come up with new changes to be implemented because of the competition pressure from its competitors - Transformational Leadership Strategy Essay introduction. These in an organization occur because of many reasons which the management set up to improve the performance with in the organization. For this to be carried out in an organization, effective planning and implementation is required. There should be consultation of the management from the people who are going to be affected and hey should also be involved when implementing the new changes. Reason being that if people are forced to accept the new changes, it means that many problems will be caused in the organization or company. Therefore the change to be implemented should be valuable, effective and achievable.

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Participants in the change process

For a company to implement a new change, it should be able to know what it wants to achieve, why it wants the change and how the company will value the change. The board of governs should be able to include the employees to participate in the implementation of the new change to catch up with the new technologies, competition and other factors. Since it is them to be affected more by the new changes implemented by the company.


For example, Sony technologies where the company faced stiff competition from it’s from the competitors it has like Toshiba technologies, Samsung technologies and LG technologies which lowered the market for it’s products on the world market. Despite the fact that it is risky to implement new changes with in a company, as researchers showed that over 65% of the new implemented changes in companies fail, it is recommended that companies should try out these changes rather than failing to try them out. Because of the high demands and pressure Sony had from its competitors, it was forced to start up new strategic decisions so that new plans and goals are achieved.

Sales and marketing strategies

For Sony technologies to effect these changes, it chose to start up new changes in its technologies as the company’s tool of implementing the new changes. In this way, Sony Company came up with new technologies of its products so as to attract the market of such products people provide from its competitors to its self. In addition to the technology image of change, there are improvements made in designing in the processes of implementing changes.

This image of change also has an advantage that the quality of the products is highly improved and is used as a tool to out compete the competitors.

Diversity strategies

The Sony Company went ahead and diversified its market al over the world. For example to many countries in Africa at affordable prices since the majority of them are third class world. In this way, the company increases the sales of its products

For Sony technologies to remain competitive on the world market, it comes up with some new business development changes. When making new changes in the business development section, the first important aspect that Sony technologies came up with was improving the quality of its goods. Sony identified a new development goal with in the business and then, it had to formulate business plans which came up in the following ways; new developments in the sales section, diversification of markets, development of new quality products. The company had to come up with new strategic partnerships inline with development of distribution channels, new structural changes like e-business and initiating international development. Sony also had to look for acquisitions of small companies. All these internal changes were aimed at recapturing the markets and raising the sales of the company. Sony also went ahead and lowered the prices of its products so as attract people attention from the competitors thus increasing the sales

The business development changes implemented by Sony technologies resulted in to an increase in revenue as the sales increased and they were able to capture new markets. Sony was also able to quality of its products to international level and at the same time, the company got new products that were inline with the new trends on the world market.

Final recommendations

Improvement of technology level; the company should be able to raise the standards of its technology so as to improve in order for it to improve the quality of its products. Thus, attracting more market for its final products.

Diversification of the market; it should be able to look for more market from other areas of the world like Africa through producing affordable products to African countries, the company can also do this through advertising, providing free sample  and others. By this way, it is able to face the challenges brought about by the dynamic competition on the world market.


In this competitive business environment, it has highly become necessary for a company to embrace change more especially when it comes to technology and marketing strategies for a company to manage the competitive edge. Competition and demand of high quality products has made the business environments to become very dynamic in that it needs changing organization and systems to provide effective responses to such changing business environments through implementing plans and implementing successfully the new changes. As in the case of Sony technologies, the board of directors must chose the image of management change which will give best outcomes and use it. If well implemented, the out comes will always be good.























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