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Dear Director Maki,




As the President of Friends of the Library, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the other hardworking members of the County Arts Council for your generous donation to aid our Annual Summer Reading Festival.


With the grant that the County Arts Council provided, you have ensured the success of our reading programs.  As you well know, Friends of the Library is a group that is dedicated to improving education by providing local communities with access to their local libraries.  Through our programs, we are able to encourage people to read and visit their local libraries.  As a complement to the educational system, local libraries are integral to the education process.  The grant that the County Arts Council has provided will go a long way in rehabilitating the old libraries and stocking up empty shelves with more books.  With the continuous support of the County Arts Council, Friends of the Library will be able to support literacy and boost library usage through a diverse set of activities and acquisitions.


We are also pleased to report that our recent activities have been successful in raising funds and implementing recent literacy projects.  During the Back to School Sale we were able to raise $2,000.00 and another $ 1,100.00 during the Holiday Craft Fair.


These funds, as well as those donated by the County Arts Council, were used to defray the expenses for the other projects such as the Summer Reading Festival, which cost $1,450.00, the Children’s Program featuring a Local Author, which cost $ 125, the new reference databases for the library’s career center, which cost $ 850, and finally the Bookmarks promoting the library’s website, which cost $200.


We look forward to your continued support for our projects.  As we continue to grow, we hope that we will be able to reach out and have a positive effect on the lives of more people.  Through our efforts, and your support, we are confident that this is just the beginning for the literacy program of Friends of the Library.


We thank you once again for your support and hope that this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship.



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