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Transportation Problem in Bd

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There are only 3 active flyovers in Dhaka City. Another 3 are under construction. It is not good for a mega city like Dhaka. 3. 5. Railway: In Dhaka city , there is little facility to travel one place to another by train . There are only few routes in Dhaka Metro : Komlapur-Tongi , Narayanganj- Komlapur etc. But this not enough . To reduce the sufferings of people , there needs a huge development in Dhaka Metro. The Dhaka Elevated Expressway runs from Shahjalal International Airport-Kuril-Banani-Mohakhali-Tejgaon-Saatrasta-Moghbazar Rail Crossing-Khilgaon-Kamalapur-Golapbagh to Dhaka-Chittagong Highway at Kutubkhali Point.

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Transportation Problem in Bd
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A 21. 5 kilometer, $1. 7 Billion Phase 1, metro route has been negotiated by the Government with Japan International Cooperation Agency. The first route starts from Pallabi, northern suburb of Dhaka to Sayedabad, southern section of Dhaka. 3. 6. Waterway : Dhaka city lacks waterways. To improve transportation system, government has made a route in waterway. Information about this route is given below : Total Length: 110 km Already completed: * Ashulia to Sadarghat ( 30 km ) * Dredging :17. 44 lakh m^3 To be completed: * Ashulia to Kanchpur ( 40 km ) * Dredging : 34.

73 lakh m^3 Figure: Waterways around Dhaka city . TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS IN DHAKA CITY: 4. 1 FOOTPATH : In any city footpaths are the prime, first and most essential mode of movement. In emergencies like fire incident, earthquake etc. , when vehicles rather madly run in the roads, footpaths is the only mode of movement for the people. The city authorities have shown unpardonable irresponsibility in maintaining the footpath In case of footpath we find the following types of lacking: 4. 1. 1. Absence of footpath: In addition to health reasons, in a city suffering from excessive vehicles the dwellers should be encouraged to walk.

But there are sufficient amount of footpath. 4. 1. 2 . Poor condition: It is needless to describe the poor condition of the footpaths in Dhaka city. The city authorities have shown unpardonable irresponsibility in maintaining the footpath. 4. 1. 3. Creation of obstruction: At present electric posts, telephone posts, junction boxes etc. create obstruction on the footpath. . In some cases the authorities whose responsibility was to keep the footpath walk-able, themselves have created obstruction for selfish interests 4. 2. ROAD: 4. 2. 1.

Limited road space As in many other cities in the region, systematic bus route planning based on a cycle of monitoring, planning, and implementing adjustments to the network is not in place in Dhaka. Total space occupied by roads and streets of Dhaka Metropolitan City is only 9% of its total space while that of other mega cities cover approximately 25%. Though 9% of road area of the city is available, pavement area is only 6% of total area. 4. 2. 2. Lack of accessible road : In Dhaka city, there is a lack of sufficient accessible road.

It is estimated that among the existing road network about half of the road lacks sufficient width to accommodate motorized emergency vehicles. In Dhaka city out of 1286 km road about 821 km of road is found to be accessible (if road width is equal and more than 4. 5 m) to motorized vehicles 4. 2. 3. Un-organized and non integrated road network During last twenty to thirty years, significant road development has been taken place to cope with sudden transformation of the city from provincial town to the capital of the country.

But most of the transport developments have been driven by ad hoc considerations having no explicit focus on analysis of existing demand or future requirements. As a result, the road network of the city is not organized and integrated in terms of connectivity. 4. 2. 4. Road Crossing: Road crossings are one of the greatest weaknesses in our road planning. They have permanently damaged our transport system. In a four-way road crossing, a vehicle at any side may have three possible directions. So regular traffic flow is disturbed in a road crossing. Moreover, we have many road crossings in a very short distance.

For example, the short distance from Mailbag to Banglamotor has six road crossings. If a vehicle remains stop for 3 minutes in every crossing, it will need nearly 20 minutes to pass only these road crossings 4. 2. 5. Lack of Alternative Roads: We also do not have enough alternative roads. For example, if someone wants to go to Mohammadpur from BUET, he will have to use Mirpur road because this is the only road that connects this area with the other part of the city. In fact Mirpur road is the only road that joins Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Dhanmondi etc areas with the rest of the city.

So there is a huge pressure on this road. 4. 2. 6. Lack of bus stoppage: There is very few designated place for bus stoppage in road side of Dhaka city. Most of the bus stop in road side haphazardly with competition attitude and alighting and boarding passenger dangerously. This makes always crowed on road side and influence pedestrian to move on road as well as decreases the effective width of the carriage way. 4. 3 . Lack of Flyover : Thera are 3 flyover and 3 under constructed flyover in Dhaka city . But it is not sufficient in proportion with our need .

As a result there creates traffic jam. . Again, the existing flyovers do not have sufficient loops. On the other hand, people have to suffer a lot during their unnecessarily lengthy construction process. 4. 4. Poor Traffic Management: Our traffic control system is not up-to-date. We have not yet been able to convert all of them to automated system. The number of traffic police is not enough. We have too many signal posts in a very short distance. For example, there are 17 traffic signals in Mirpur Road with in a distance of only 5 km. 4. 5. Vehicle : 4. 5. 1 .

Inadequate no of vehicles in proportion with population: The poor people travel mostly in bus, minibus and auto-tempo. Even though the general cause of transport problem in Dhaka city is ‘excessive vehicles’, the number of vehicles the poor people use is inadequate. There is however, no inadequacy of vehicles in the city. But the owners create this scarcity because by doing this they can become gainer by carrying more people per vehicle and charging higher fares. 4. 5. 2. Increasing no of vehicles in proportion with road: Dhaka City has very inadequate road networks.

For a standard city, where the minimum road requirement is 25%, Dhaka has only 7. 5% road of its total area. 30% of this 7. 5% road is also occupied by the hawkers, salesman and shopkeepers. A significant portion is occupied by construction materials and waste-containers of the City Corporation. As a result, vehicles do not get sufficient space to move on. The following table may give us an idea about the rate of increase in public and private transport: Sl. No| Type of Vehicles| UP TO2003| 2004| 2005| 2006| 2007| 2008| 2009| 2010| Grand Total| 1| Motor Car| 87866| 4734| 5633| 7403| 10244| 13749| 17654| 19557| 166840| 2| Jeep/St.

Wagon/ Microbus| 32391| 2114| 3303| 4548| 4372| 5077| 6803| 6687| 65295| 3| Taxi| 9369| 523| 514| 266| 0| 0| 10| 0| 10682| 4| Bus| 2614| 779| 728| 949| 1082| 1144| 914| 1101| 9311| 5| Minibus| 7460| 368| 118| 75| 77| 107| 112| 142| 8459| 6| Truck| 20342| 1437| 1104| 1480| 830| 1642| 3180| 4543| 34558| 7| Auto-rickshaw/ Auto-tempo| 10687| 2344| 139| 230| 121| 155| 1144| 1362| 16182| 8| Motor-Cycle| 119299| 7872| 12879| 16284| 17303| 23713| 22093| 30264| 249707| 9| Others| 13187| 1300| 2361| 2728| 2913| 2550| 4868| 12225| 42132| | TOTAL| 303215| 21471| 26779| 33963| 36942| 48137| 56778| 75881| 603166|

CHART-01: NUMBER OF MOTOR VEHICLES PLOTTED AGAINST VEHICLE TYPE IN DHAKA (YEARWISE) 4. 5. 3. Increasing no of rickshaw: In the recent years, the number of rickshaws has increased rapidly. About 400,000 rickshaws run each day in Dhaka city. It is the largest number for any city in the world. However, only about 85,000 rickshaws are licensed by the city government. As the rickshaw pullers are illiterate and not aware of traffic rules, they create traffic congestion and so rickshaws have been banned from many parts of the city. . 6. With railway system: It can be said that there is no well-planned railway transportation system in Dhaka city. There is a lot of problem in our railway system. Like that there is not sufficient number of train, railway routes . Beside this, the speed of the train is very slow. Solution : Railway: proposed railway route: Figure 3: Proposed Backbone network Effects : 1. traffic jam: table on jam 2. road accident:table on accident 3. air pollution Conclusion:

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