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Travel to Fort Santiago, Intramuros Essays

Travel to Fort Santiago, Intramuros When I was in grade 1, I’ve already went to Fort Santiago in Intramuros. But I can’t clearly remember what I’ve seen that time because I was too young and I just wanted to explore with no particular task. But when I’ve returned in that place, it was very memorable because I’ve seen a very antique place for the second chance. I am really excited to return in that place because I wanted to take pictures with that old place but I have no camera in hand that time so I used the cameras of my classmates.

When we are in the fort Santiago, the weather is so cloudy and it seems that the rain is coming anytime. The road is wet and slippery that time because of the rain. I can’t distinguish if it will be going to rain or the sun is going to shine because there was the sun but it is raining a little. We are only the visitor that time because it is too early in the morning. I am very amazed to that place because you will see the oldness of the place.

The guards are suited with the old fashion clothing and I’ve really appreciate that. They are very friendly and they are willing to have a picture with us. The cannons are really attractive to my view because I am interested with guns and other things related to it. There are also stores of paintings and it is really beautiful. I saw the golden footsteps of Jose Rizal before he was shot to death. We counted it and there are 490 footsteps. His foot is large as mine but his footsteps have small distance to each other.

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