Treatment of Children Essay

Treatment of Children

Vices on children can be as a result of religious practice or traditional practice; it can involve individual children or groups of children - Treatment of Children Essay introduction. It can be done by other children or parents, for instance in Feb 1993; a 3-year old James Bulger was beating to death by two ten years old boys in Liverpool without any known cause. His mutilated body was found on a railway some days after. Vices to children was sometimes done by the government, for instance every year, children that come with their family to seek asylum in Scotland were arrested and detained in the removal center with a vary un-conducive state of living (www.savethechildren In South Africa, there were cases in which many virgin were raped and mutilated by many adult in the name of curing AIDS, for instance a seven year old Sibongile was raped by a 62 year old man who claimed that he wanted to be cured of AIDS since he was told by his native doctor to sleep with a virgin girl that he will be cured of his disease (Prega, 1999).

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Another example in Nigeria is child trafficking in which a very small child will be used as housemaid, for instance a 6-year old boy was used as a housemaid in a couples house, he was not sent to school but early in the morning he was always woken up by huge home work and after which he will be given some material to hawk about. Sometimes small children are sent to foreign country as a housemaid (Ifeyinwa, 2004). Many children are also sent to the street to beg for money in which the his or her food will be dependent on the amount made (Ifeyinwa, 2004)

There are some parent that hold on to some religious believe that sick people should not be taken to the hospital, but should be prayed for, for instance Amy Hermanson from Sarasota, Florida and Ian Lundman from Minnesota, both children have diabetics and instead of taking them to the hospital for proper treatment their parent believed in faith based healing which lead to the death of the two children (Robert, 1993).

Also, there was a case of massive killing of children in Russia when some invader invaded Russia claiming to come to take vengeance from the Russians since their children have been killed by the Russians (Jonathan, 2004).

In South Africa, there were many cases of medicine murder in which the traditional people will request for a part of children body for ritual purposes, this practice is widely called Muti killing, for instance in 1994 a 14 year old girl Segametsi Mogomotsi was killed in Botswana and part of her body removed.


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