Treehouse of horror Essay

I remember it clearly, the never-ending expanse of golden maize, smothered the terrain like a blanket - Treehouse of horror Essay introduction. Vivid wild flowers sprinkled the meadows like stars on the night’s sky. Great hay bales stood sturdy and provided a tremendous obstacle course. Although this natural masterpiece was only yards from my house, it astounded me every time.

“You can play in the fields, but don’t go beyond the fence, and be back before tea!” These were the stern words that often left my mother’s mouth, but the sun was bright and I was bored.

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A jungle of tall, hazy corn lay ahead, and at head-height, my pace was extremely restricted as I marched onwards. The decrepit, old fence now approached my trail, but something else grabbed my vision. A faint outline protruded from the otherwise horizontal field. This discovery now made my tedious trek surprisingly intriguing. Questions popped into my mind, where had this tree come from? Why hadn’t I seen it before? Disregarding these thoughts, I pursued onwards with my mission.

A putrid stench overpowered the cool summer breeze, engaging my nasal senses. I felt like vomiting. What repulsive matter could produce such an agonising odour? – I soon found out. “SQUELCH!” To my horror, a crusty, brown mountain devoured my nice, white trainer, subsequently throwing me sideways! I quickly stood and jumped over the fence, hoping no one had seen this incident, then remembering I was in the centre of a huge desolate field. Dragging my shoes behind in the pasture, trying to rid them of the revolting brown streaks, I suddenly found myself in the shade of the huge tree.

There it stood, a twelve-foot titanic brute, perched tranquilly on the mound, like an emperor dominant on the stark landscape. The wooden mansion peered through the crisp, crimson leaves, never before had I seen such a dwelling. I ascended the tree slowly, every step gaining height and courage. Adrenaline surged through my blood, giving me a rush of excitement like a child on a roller coaster ride for the first time. I knew I was disobeying what I had been told but still I climbed higher and higher, at this point the blurred mass of green, which was the ground beneath, was my enemy making every minor finch of muscle critical.

To my relief the opening of the tree house was now within my reach, although I would not dare to remove my hands from the disturbingly rickety ladder blocks. I edged my way onto the ledge of the house, staying as flat as a pancake against the rough, furrowed bark. I had made it! But this moment of joy was brief.

A shrill crack of oak pierced my eardrums; I could clearly pinpoint each snap and tear of every splinter. A sudden loss of support beneath my knees sent my unsuspecting torso plummeting. My outlook was not good, air gushed past my face and legs. All I could do was wait. – FEAR, PAIN, BLACKNESS.

Slowly I opened my eyes, light flooded in like water down a plughole. Unfortunately, my pain receptors kicked back into action. An excruciating throbbing focused on my wrist; the perilous fall had taken its toll. I scrambled up with one hand and ran home clutching my wrist all the way. Needless to say I didn’t climb that tree for some time.

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