Trees and Honeybees Essay

Trees and Honeybees

Contrary to what most people believe, honeybees contribute a lot to the agricultural and economic fields of society - Trees and Honeybees Essay introduction. Bees were first introduced to America in the eighteenth century by European immigrants (Horn 41) and are still in abundant existence at this time. The skills and customs that these European immigrants brought were adopted by Americans, and this became the beginning of the beneficial relationship that Americans have with bees.

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Bees are known mostly due to the honey they produce. Beekeepers are very patient when it comes to their bees and they make sure to develop a good relationship with them. Sue Hubbell, author of A Country Year, relates how she had arrived to the business of beekeeping to become one of the largest producer of honey in the area. She was a former librarian who had quit her job together with her then-husband to move to Ozarks where she learned more about nature and ultimately, about bees.

The honeys that bees produce have many uses and the most popular of which is sweetener or food source. Many people do not know that honeys also have medicinal and healing capabilities. It is also the main ingredient of a beverage known as mead. Numerous countries have picked up the honey business because more and more people have realized that bees are more than just flying creatures that can sting. The business is very attracting especially to farmers. However, it should be noted that it is not that easy to take care of bees and be a beekeeper. They should have the right equipment and location to be successful in producing honey. It also takes a lot of effort, time, and patience to achieve what Sue Hubbell has done.

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