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Triangulation is defined as the way of assuring that the results acquired through research are valid. This is achieved through the use of different research methods and approaches such as application of multiple methods when analyzing a set of data. There are three types of triangulation which include first convergence where more than two data collection sources are involved. A second category is methodological triangulation which involves convergence of data from multiple or a number of collection sources. A third type is investigator triangulation whereby multiple researchers carry out investigations or research in particular fields. A more relevant application in triangulation is researcher-participant corroboration which is also known as cross-examination.

Similar procedures or processes can be applied to improve the credibility of a study for purpose of quick understandability of the acquired information. Among   the relevant procedures include auditing, inquiry and peer debriefing which helps to disconfirm interpretations of data. The application of multiple data sources to produce a clear understanding in research is a measure that makes triangulation a valid technique in research (Breitmayer, Ayres & Knafi, 1993). Qualitative researchers use triangulation to ensure that data is rich, well-developed, comprehensive and robust.  This is adequately achieved as the application of multiple methods other than single method facilitates deeper understanding.

Triangulation influences the internal validity of data through application of multiple methods that helps to eliminate any chances of distortion. In addition, the validity of internal data is achieved through triangulation of resources. This involves examination of consistency of data sources from similar methods. For example, examination of data consistency is done at different points in time or in public versus private settings. Another major consideration is comparison of people with different view points. The article Triangulation in Qualitative Research: Evaluation of Completeness and Confirmation purposes from the Journal of Nursing Scholarship volume 25 is a good example where triangulation has been applied in research.


Breitmayer, B., Ayres, L. and Knafi, K. (1993). Triangulation in Qualitative Research: Evaluation of Completeness and Confirmation purposes. Journal of Nursing and Scholarship. Vol. 25. Issue, 3, p. 237-243

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