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In the previous report made, a brief analysis of the possible root causes have been identified - Trip Report Essay introduction. However, there are several departments which have been identified to be involved in the said problems because of the processes that are handled within their division. Among these are the dispatching, transportation, and scheduling; quality control laboratory; production units and operational departments; production loading facilities and operations; and product loading of polyols.

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The first cluster, dispatching, transportation, and scheduling, are grouped together because these are the functions which are involved in the release of products. The three functions have to work in relation to one another since the delivery of goods does not only require dispatching of it but simultaneously deals with transportation and scheduling. On the other hand, quality control laboratory, which is the second division to be discussed, deals with the assurance that the standards set for quality is met. There are several tests which are conducted that enables the company and the clients to make sure that the products are of great quality, which ranges from the input to the output. For the production units and operational departments, the employees within this department are responsible for manufacturing the goods. For the last two divisions, the production loading facilities and operations and product loading of polyols, the transfer of products from the plant to the trucks serve as the main concern of these two plants. In all of these divisions, there are considerable amount of problems that need to be solved. There are distinctively unique problems which are found in every department that requires attention in order to make work processes more efficient and functional for the goals of the organization.

For the dispatching, transportation, and scheduling division, it has been found that there are several days where the volume of trucks is higher compared to the others with Tuesday as the highest. The high number of trucks arriving on Tuesday is found to be related to the routine of companies to check their supplies on Monday and send their trucks on Tuesday. More so, impatient truck drivers, which are caused by long waiting lines, tend to drive their trucks within the grounds to check whether other loading facilities have shorter lines. In general terms, planning is considered to be a key element for safety where careful planning enhances safety and reduces the likelihood of accidents (Singh, 2006). In solving the problems related to this department, it is necessary to solicit the help of the group leader, Mr. Hamm. Being the leader, he is in the right position of implementing rules and regulations for dispatching, transportation, and scheduling. More so, he has the experience which can be of great use in determining what rules are to be implemented and for what purposes. There should be a scheme where clients are contacted on particular dates in order for them to have a regular schedule set with the company and arrangements should be made such that the dispatching, transportation, and scheduling department is able to scatter the schedules for their clients in the entire week and have a regular schedule for purposes of preparation and planning. Moreover, this also addresses the traffic hazards in the plant, which is mainly caused by their impatience. However, it is also wise to implement traffic rules and regulations for the trucks that will prevent them from moving around the plant.

For the quality control laboratory, it has been shown that there are several tests that are processed within this division. There are tests for the raw products, the work in process, the output or products, and special requests from departments. There time frame and urgency to complete the analysis for all these four areas are clear to the department and is also followed based on the established rules. However, there are problems with trucks being able to carry out products which did not pass the standards of the laboratory. The results of the lab should be considered as a document from where decisions to release products should be based on. More so, there should be a laboratory quality audit, which will enhance the credibility and reliability of the laboratory in cases where there are doubts with the capability of the laboratory (Singer, Stefan, & van Staden, 2005). A quality control within the laboratory would ensure that the problems are going to be identified and given proper solution for the failed materials not to be released anymore. In this case, the head of the laboratory and the group leader for the dispatching, transportation, and scheduling division should work together and coordinate the processes in order to avoid releasing substandard materials in the future.

As for the production unit, it has been shown that there are several shifts working on the division with little overlap in terms of time. This does not allow for communication and interaction between the employees of the shifts and results to a lesser degree of cooperation and coordination. It has been known that a “historically, working together is far more important than competition” (Blau, 1993, p. 37). The different shifts have to understand that there is the need for them to collaborate with one another in terms of the work processes and work towards establishing a uniform work procedure. A uniform work procedure is necessary because of the fact that the employees are working towards the same goal, in the same workplace, and with the same processes. In order to do this, it should be the responsibility of the shift managers to communicate with one another in order to ensure that there are uniform procedures and processes and the efforts of each shift will be coordinated. More over, there is a need to enhance the communication procedures within each shift where there should be a common avenue established for communication to be available for their shifts regardless of the time of their work. These should become the responsibility of the shift managers and should be spearheaded by the overall manager for the department.

Lastly, the Product Loading Facilities and Operations and the Product Loading of Polyols there are far more complicated problems. In the first division, there are certain difficulties in terms of measuring the amount of products that are to be loaded through several computations. The chemicals are manually loaded and measured when loading up and this results to some traffic at the site at times. In order to address this problem, it is necessary to make an automated way of measuring the amount of chemical which should be loaded into a particular truck in order to avoid employing a manual procedure for such. The head of the department should make a plan for this stating their specific needs based on daily experience in loading products. This is made with the premise that the automation of processes reduces the errors and makes work more efficient (Miczo, 2003).

As for the second division, there is a more complicated problem because the current work process requires the trucks to be loaded with materials and then to go around the facility to have the materials mixed inside it. There are several tests done before the desired output is achieved that increases the time which is spent inside the plant and the risk associated with trucks going around the area and making sudden stops to mix the materials. In order to address this problem, the head of this division should coordinate with the production and operation division in order to find a better way of mixing the materials before these are loaded into the trucks to avoid having them go around the area to mix it. Moreover, there should be a way through which the laboratory could ensure that the materials mixed passed standards before these are loaded into the truck to reduce multiple tests to be done.

These are the problems found in the departments visited which require attention. There are also proposed solutions and recommendations which are intended to improve the current situation in the plant.




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