Trip to Jerusalem - Tourism Essay Example

Trip to Jerusalem

Ancient artwork and architecture in Jerusalem has served as an example for the modern architects for a long time - Trip to Jerusalem introduction. There are so many churches, monasteries and shrines which belong to the historic Christian stewards of this place. Architects in Jerusalem used an even older tradition of stone work and other elements of architecture (Eldar, 2010).


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Most of the ancient architecture is rarely found in its original condition. Subsequent earthquakes and other natural disasters have done a lot of damage to it. But despite the ravaged condition of the buildings, the ancient culture and architecture is clearly reflected in these buildings in Jerusalem. It can be seen that these empty streets once served as busy passages.



With the passage of time, some of the ancient artworks lost their originality to an extent. They got merged with the modern architecture but their individuality can still be seen. Some artworks have been protected quite well and are still in their original form. These artworks reflect the religious beliefs of people.


Some artworks have been preserved quite well and they can serve as a mean to watch back in time and know about the culture and architectural standards of the ancient times. These artworks have been kept along with some modern architectural pieces. It feels like two parallel timelines have been kept together but they are unable to intersect or merge completely, despite being quite near to each other.



It can be seem from the above pictures that Jerusalem is rich in artwork and ancient architecture. Nothing can be preserved completely from the changes of time but what has been preserved is a sacred treasure.














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