Trip to Paris, The Most Memorable Part of My Life Essay

One of the most momerable moments in my life is my trip to Paris - Trip to Paris, The Most Memorable Part of My Life Essay introduction. In 1989, I was twenty one years old. My mother decided to visit Paris for some reasons. Since she was illiterate, she decided to take me with her. I was a student at that time. I was studying English at the Univesity of Constantine, a city situated in the north east of Algeria. It was my first trip outside Algeria and it is still engraved in my memory because of the story my mother told me while we were in the sky over the Mediterranean Sea.

My mother said, ” Listen my son, I’m going to tell you a real story to show you that God the Almighty always makes kids’ dreams and their prayers come true. It is a story that happened twenty years ago. Imagine a child of four years playing with his toys in a small living room. Suddenly he raises his head to see his mother and his grandmother crying. He had no idea why they were crying but he managed after a while to grasp the reasons. His father died a moth ago and they were still crying over him. The last time his father visited them was a year before he died.

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Trip to Paris, The Most Memorable Part of My Life
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He came from Paris, where he used to work, and he brought many gifts for his family. The child thought they were crying over him and the gifts they would never get again. He went to his mother and begged her to stop crying. He promised her that when he grew older, he would take her to Paris and buy for her whetever she wanted. His mother smiled, hugged him and promised him not to cry again. ” My mother stopped for a while. She turned to the window from which I could see the French soil. I am in France for the first time. I looked my mother again to see two crystal clear tears coming down from her eyes.

She looked at me and said, ” God has made your dreams come true, son”. “What dreams? “, I asked. ” the child was nobody but you and the mother was me. you dreamedof taking me to Paris. Here we are going to Paris” She stopped talking and turned back to the window. Twenty two years after this trip; I still remember every detail and every moment i spent with my mother in Paris. I took her to visit every place she remembered my father talking about. She was very happy after each time i bought her something. God the Almighty made the dream come really true as He always did.

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