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Tropical Dry Forest Essays

– Mammals: In Africa, some of the larger animals such as the white rhino and the giraffe roam in both the tropical dry forest and across the savanna. Birds: Orange-necked Partridge of Indochina & the Black-and-Tawny seedeater of the Chiquitano forest of South America Reptiles: Madagascar’s western forests contain a large number of chameleon species as well as the world’s most endangered tortoise, the Angonoka or Ploughshare Tortoise. Insects: Common insects include several species of ants, beetles, and termites.
Scorpions, which often thrive in drier climates, also make their home in some of the forests as do many types of spiders. – Humans have more bad to the forests rather than good. Humans have been done deforestation and killing many endangered animals making many go extinct. This mess up the environment terribly and really does no good, other than personal gain. Because all people are doing this for is the money. Those two things hugely impact the environment and mess up food chains. – The Tropical Dry Forest is very important because is the most threatened terrestrial environment by human intervention.
In this kind of environment only survive the species adapted to the restriction in the availability of nutrients and water. – Other interesting facts: – Most tropical dry forests have been burned to make way for farmland. Also, there are more tropical dry-forests then tropical rainforests. – Tropical dry forests, in contrast to rainforest, have to survive a long dry season each year, so the predominantly deciduous trees shed their leaves to cope with it. -There are almost 2,000 scorpion species, but only 30 or 40 have strong enough poison to kill a person.

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