Trotskyism Essay


Trotskyism is defined as the revival or renewal of Marxism, which supports the strategy of permanent revolution, upheaval on existing property relations, and advocates solidarity of the members of the working class, in order to pursue their class interests instead of following whatever is decided by their governments - Trotskyism Essay introduction. Trotskyism is considered as leftist ideology supporting democratic rights, advocated the spreading of revolution, and opposed political deals with powers of imperialism.

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Trotskyism is a Marxist theory advocated by Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian Revolution. However, the term was coined by Pave Miyukov, the head of Russia’s Constitutional Democratic Party. This ideology surfaced during the development of Trotsky’s Permanent Revolution. During that time, Trotsky was the chairman of St. Petersburg Soviet during the Russian Revolution in 1905. His ideologies were based on a policy of proletarian revolution, which was seen by others as a step towards a capitalist regime.

One of the specific dates to remember regarding Trotskyism is 1905, which was the year it was developed. Another was 1917, when Trotsky was again chosen as the chairman of Petrograd soviet, however, this time, he also became the head of the Military Revolution Committee, leading to the events that marked the Russian Revolution of 1917. Trotsky’s Theory of Permanent Revolution was then recognized and embraced by the whole of Soviet until 1924.

Trotskyism has influenced a lot of people in other countries. In Latin America, Trotskyism has influenced major social upheavals. In Brazil, major political figures and groups recognize themselves as Trotskyist, playing big roles in their government. Argentina also had its share of Trotskyist leaders, especially during th 1980s, when a Trotskyist party was established at that time. Venezuelan leaders, including president Hugo Chavez, identifies themselves as Trotskyist, and follow the ideology in leading and serving the people. Even until now, there are a lot of groups and organizations that follow Trotskyism all over the world.




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