True Lies Summary

In the chapter “True Lies,” author Jeffery L. Seglin illustrates the impact and consequences of lying in the business world. Sometime it is saying that little lies do not matter, but it should be consider in broader way. Lying weaken the strength of any organization or politic system and it also creates more expectations from others from you which are on the fake bases.

However, at the other hand, we cannot speak truth all time, according to Steven Berglas, nobody is able to tell every bit of truth, we should complete our task in daily life by choosing choices to be silent or vague. There is also responsibility of business not to disclose all the matters. People always influence by their officers, they know what is going on the upper level, so they will copy and it becomes the bad habit.

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There are also many other aspects of being honest the business world, it is not as simple as it is said “Truth will set you free”. New and many companies manipulate the facts and lies in order to survive and tries to obtain any opportunity by this. There is a example of Molin’s cellular company, who first tried to be fair but could not successful, than he cheats and alter the facts to the leasing agent and get through this. He called this posturing and insists that posturing is not lying.

Many companies adopt posturing in business dealings and their routine. But, this is also unacceptable and ultimately cause the trust deficit in market. There is difference between lies and posturing. Posture is like to bargaining for something, you can pay the actual amount but you always tried to pay less and on the other hand others are also acting the same way. What, if you have energy to do something but world require more from you in terms of employees, office set up etc. , here you lies and say which meets other requirement.

In certain situations posturing is unavoidable and sometime it is appreciated. Lies are not somehow long time solutions. Lies can be beneficial, but only for short term. In the long term, you lose your credibility. Once you are recognise as liar, no one will return to you and it would be the end of your business. Posturing or lying is some time necessary in the business, but take these into accounts as last option. There should be some limit of this. Once you cross this limit, you will lose everything.

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