True or False Test Essay

Circle the correct answer.

1. Parallel circuits have only one path for current. ( T / F ) 2. The total resistance in a parallel circuit is always greater than the lowest-value branch resistor. (T / F ) 3. The voltage across all components in parallel is equal. ( T / F ) 4. The total current entering a junction may be different from the total current leaving the junction. (T / F ) 5. A parallel circuit is sometimes called a current divider. (T / F ) 6. IF two equal resistors are connected in parallel, they will carry identical currents. ( T / F ) 7. The largest branch resistance in a parallel circuit carries the largest branch current. ( T / F ) 8. The total resistance of like value resistors in parallel is equal to the value of the resistors multiplied by the number of resistors used. ( T / F )

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True or False Test
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Part 2 | Fill in the blanks

1. As additional resistors are connected to a parallel circuit, the total resistances will ___. a) increase
b) increase by the value of the resistor being connected c) decrease
d) remain unchanged

2. A circuit is parallel between two points if ____ between those two points. e) The voltage divides
f) More than one current path exists
g) All resistors are equal
h) There is only one current path

Figure 1

3. If the voltmeter indicates 12 V in Figure 1, the voltage across R2 equals ____. i) 12 V
j) Vs minus 12 V
k) 0 V
l) More information is needed to find the voltage across R2

4. If R2 opens in Figure 1, the voltage across R1 will
m) Increase
n) Decrease
o) Equal 0 V
p) Remain unchanged

Figure 2

5. The total current in Figure 2 equals ____.
q) 86 mA
r) 170 mA
s) 42 mA
t) 128 mA

6. If R1 opens in Figure 2, the total current equals ____. u) 86 mA
v) 170 mA
w) 42 mA
x) 128 mA

Figure 3
7. The total resistance in Figure 3 is ____.
y) Greater than 8 kΩ
z) 58 kΩ
{) 4.8 kΩ
|) Greater than 30 kΩ

8. The total current in Figure 3 is ____.
}) 2.5 mA
~) 0.6 mA
) 1.5 mA
) 0.4 mA

9. In Figure 3, R2 equals ____.
) 100 kΩ
) 200 kΩ
) 300 kΩ
) More information is needed to find R2

10. A parallel resistor’s value that changes with age will cause a corresponding change in ____. ) Branch current
) Branch voltage
) Both branch current and branch voltage
) Power supply voltage

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