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TTS Problems – Employees

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In fact, due o low morale, low payment, discrimination to minorities, and fear of retaliation by complaining, about one in five of the nation’s 45,000 screener quit their jobs, which means that employees working at TTS have been suffering from decreased morale as well as discrimination. Based on these problems that are believed to have contributed to the low morale and high turnover been employees, they voted to allow the PAGE; American Federation of Government Employees to stand for them as union in 201 1.

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TTS Problems – Employees
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And in 2012, the PAGE negotiated the collective bargaining agreement designed to revise some of the working notations that TTS employees considered controversial. In spite to the improved provisions of the new contract, our group thinks that the terms of the agreement are not specific enough to increase morale and decrease turnover through the screener at TTS First, it doesn’t cover about the discriminatory issues related to older workers, minorities and women. The contents of the new contract do not deal faith the discrimination but the performance system.

So, they are mainly focused on improving the pay-for-performance system by evaluating officers performance based on supervisor observations rather than certification test cores. Although the performance system gets better, there might be some Other discrimination problems regarding unfair treatment relevant to employee benefits or awards which can be led to turnover. Second, the provisions are not successfully addressing the screener’ fear Of retaliation for raising complaints.

The last regulation is about designing revised dispute resolution and appeal process for disciplinary actions to provide fairness, but this is not effective to protect the employees from retaliation because managers might give pressure on them not to raise complaints about jobs using tacit warning at the workplace. Third, in order to increase morale and decrease turnover, the bottom line is to create accurate and proper job description from job analysis.

Without developed job analysis, the Tsar’s efforts for resolving employee concerns may provide false hope and have the unanticipated effects of heightening employee dissatisfaction and further undermining morale. Therefore, with 3 reasons mentioned above, the provisions will not be as effective as to solve the problem. To redesign the TTS officer job descriptions, combination of structured questionnaire method, individual interview method and group interview method would be the most appropriate in analyzing the positions.

Only utilizing one method is inadequate in determining job elements that are essential for successful performance. To be specific, the structured questionnaire method is a great tool of gathering information about jobs by checking or rating possible task items. So it is useful to know most Of the important tasks that the TTS officer does. However, it has the limitation of exceptions to a job being overlooked. The individual and group interview methods have to be conducted simultaneously so that the entire range of activities could be found without distortion.

These three methods will result in a more accurate picture Of the position, itself and help Officers understand more about their jobs, lifting the morale. In addition to complementation of job analysis, job enrichment, expanding job content to make more opportunities, is required for raising job satisfaction and retention at TTS Among the five core job characteristics, task significance and skill variety should be encouraged more particularly in this case.

TTS officers have to be informed about the meaningful impact of their tasks on the organization or the environment. For example, hey should be educated about how screening is important to prevent possible terrorism or hijacking. Also, there must be more training and preparation for workers through better staffing activities so that workers can learn the specific right way to do the pat downs without having upset customers. It will be easier for TTS to motivate the workers by training the two features in job enrichment.

In the aspect of the collective bargaining agreement, the elements are strongly linked to the feedback from the job. Fifth job is done appropriately, awards for outstanding service are offered. Moreover, with a performance appraisal recess rather than PASS; Performance Accountability and Standards System, workers can exactly identify what they are doing, which creates a sense of accomplishment and even more opportunities about their jobs.

Developing feedback from the job that the contents of agreement are dealing with is very important to create more opportunities for higher job satisfaction. As a result, appropriate job analysis with job enrichment is necessary for TTS to raise morale Of the employees and it means that employers can reduce the attractiveness of union representation by creating well designed jobs. The union represents he employees working for an organization and it exists to secure terms and conditions of employment.

Almost every HARM relates directly to the job analysis. The key HARM functions; recruiting, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal are affected by the job analysis. For instance, the job analysis process assists employee training by identifying necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities. It also aids in determining safety and health requirements and labor relations processes. Therefore, with jobs designed properly, employees can understand the fundamental reincorporate and significance of the job itself, resulting high motivation.

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