Tuesdays with Morrie Essay - Part 3

Directions: Please discuss the following 5 areas relative to our course themes and learnings - Tuesdays with Morrie Essay introduction. In many cases these are opinion areas but you need to frame your answers in context of the course. Your paper should be typed and limited to 2-3 pages, double-spaced. Include a cover page with the assignment title and identifying information.

1. Who got more out of their Tuesday meetings, Mitch or Morrie? What did each of them learn as they met?

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2. Do you think Mitch would have listened if Morrie hadn’t been dying? In what ways does impending death automatically make one’s voice able to penetrate where it couldn’t before?

3. Morrie was seventy-eight years old when diagnosed with ALS. How might he have reacted if he’d contracted the disease when he was Mitch’s age? Would Morrie have come to the same conclusions? The same peace and acceptance? Or is his experience also a function of his age? Additionally, Morrie said, “If you’ve found meaning in your life, you don’t want to go back. You want to go forward.” Is this true in your experience?

4. Morrie told Mitch about the “tension of opposites” (p. 40). Talk about this as a metaphor for the book and for society. How is the hibiscus plant in Morrie’s study a metaphor for his life as well as for life in general?

5. What would you have said to Morrie if you had had the opportunity to visit him? What would you have asked him? Has there been an adult in your life who has had a significant impact on your thinking, your values or lifestyle and who therefore helped you to become the person you are?

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