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Strategies for Communicating Change
Dalam strategi untuk mengkomunikasikan perubahan kepada para pihak terkait, efektivitas dari komunikasi bergantung pada berapa banyak informasi yang disampaikan - Tugas Pertemuan 7 Pcm introduction. •Jelaskan ekspresi “kita memerlukan komunikasi yang lebih banyak disini” (we need more communication around here) dan “kita tidak mungkin melakukan komunikasi secara berlebihan” (we cannot overcommunicate) dalam konteks strategi komunikasi tersebut diatas! •Sebutkan dan jelaskan yang dimaksud dengan kelima strategi komunikasi tersebut! Jawaban :

Point 1.
If there a lot of information about the change, where the information is not clear about the change so “we must have need more communication here” for to summary about the change information. More over the employees not understanding about vision from the change. If the information about the change is the oblivious information and employees is the person who understanding about the change so “we don’t need over communicate here”, Cause the employees will themselves sort of the significant from insignificant details of change information and work out what the change means for their day to day job. Point 2.


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1.Spray and Pray
The first strategy, involves managers showering (Spray) employee with all kind information about the change. The idea whit this strategy is the information is simply passes onto employees who, it is hope (pray), will themselves sort of the significant from insignificant details and work out what the change means for their day to day job. 2.Tell and Self

The second strategy, involves managers communicating a more limited set a message that they believe address the core issues about the change. In this strategy, managers first tell employees about the key issues and try to sell employees a particular approach. The strategy is top-down strategy, employees are not engaged in a dialogue, but simply informed of a change. 3.Underscore and Explore

The third strategy, involve managers focusing on several fundamental issues most clearly linked to the organization change, will allowing employees the creative freedom to explore the implication of the change in a disciplined ways. If the manager used this strategy, they often assume that communication is not complete and effective until they know the employees react to the core ideas behind the change. In other words, managers are concerned not only with developing a few core messages but also with listening to employee in order to identify potential misunderstanding and unrecognized obstacle to the change. 4.Indentify and Reply

The forth strategy, is different from the first until three because it starts with the concern of employees. This strategy involve employee setting the agenda to witch managers reply. The assumption behind the strategy is the employees are the best position to know the critical issues and the feasibility of change. 5.Withhold and Uphold

The fifth strategy, consist of managers withholding information until the can no longer do so because of rumors or employee revolt. When confronted the rumors and revolt, managers simply uphold the party line. The managers uses the strategy assume that information is power, that employee are not sophisticated enough to grasp the big picture or simply do not need to know the rationale the change.

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